The GOP Is Ruining You

Yet you vote for them? Why, pray tell?

Are you better off now than in the years before Ronald Reagan? No, you are not. Your income has been stagnant since the ’70s, or it has fallen. The country under GOP leadership has put us deeper in debt, both in the annual budget and in the national debt. Republican presidents, particularly George W. Bush, have started half a dozen new unnecessary wars, some of which are still going on a decade later. The moral high ground America once enjoyed has been lost, fallen to secret prisons and official policies of torture.

Yet you voted Republican.

You have bought into a fiction. Practically everything the Republicans are telling you is a lie. They are the party of the rich, and they intend to keep it that way. Are you rich?

They told you that Democrats are elitist, pointy-headed ivory tower types, out of touch with the real people. Do they mean that one becomes elitist by getting a college education? Do they actually mean we should not have an education? Do they mean that we should not have a smart government? Do they mean that we should not work at jobs that require intelligence and training? Do they mean that the government should not consider the facts, but should make decisions based on ideology? It’s hard to imagine why.

But who are the elite, anyway? Are they the Democrats seen at the coffee shop drinking their elitist café latte, or the very rich Republicans who appear in the social pages in tuxedos and gowns drinking non-elitist champagne?

They told you that Republicans are the party of the real people, but it is rare to find a rich person who is a Democrat. Are you rich too? Is that why you voted Republican?

They told you that your family is the most important thing, that you must not rely on the government to give you anything. But they relied on the government to give them tax breaks you don’t have, breaks that made them much, much richer than they were. And much, much richer than you.

Yet you voted Republican.

They told you that the very idea of a national health care plan is a communist plot that will lead us all into slavery. But all of the advanced nations of the world have strong national health care plans that are cheaper, better, and more liked than ours. Do they look like slaves to you? They are amazed that Americans don’t have a decent health care plan like their own. And now Republicans even want to repeal the very limited plan we do finally have. How will you get health care when that happens? Are you one of the millions of Americans who have no health care coverage?

They told you that Social Security is a fraud that gives unearned money to the lazy. But they didn’t remind you that before Social Security there were elderly people eating out of garbage cans. They told you Social Security was unnecessary, but there are millions of old people whose entire income is Social Security.

And you still voted Republican.

Those fine Republicans of Wall Street made many millions of dollars for themselves, and what did you get? Your house is worth less than what you owe the bank. Your neighbors lost their job and their house. Maybe you did too. But the GOP says the trouble is over, and we have recovered. The bankers once again gave themselves multi-million-dollar bonuses last year. How big was your bonus? Do you have a job yet?

And yet, you voted Republican, and you say you’ll do it again, because it’s important to get that Democrat out of the White House. And why is that? Because the president has plans to take away your guns. He’s not even a Christian. He wasn’t even born in the United States.

News: The president has fairly often said he has absolutely no intention of ending gun ownership, and has never proposed any such legislation, which would not pass in any case. The president has been a Christian all his life, and attends church regularly. He was born in the State of Hawaii, which is shown by his birth certificate there and newspaper notices of the birth from that time. Is proof of your birth any different?

Did you invest your big tax break? You know, the Republican one that moved the largest amount of money in history into the pockets of the very rich. Oh. You didn’t get that one? But most of the biggest recipients of that tax break are Republicans, and that tax break gave each of them several hundred thousand dollars. Why didn’t you get one?

Did you stand squarely behind Republican Governor Walker in Wisconsin, with his plan to get the annual budget under control? Isn’t it odd that hundreds of thousands of people marched on the capitol to protest? What could they have been thinking? The governor said it was important to bust the unions because they were costing too much. But when he removed any mention of the budget from his bill it left only the union busting. Do you still believe this is about the budget? Do you think it was the Republicans who brought you the decent income you have—or used to have—or was it the unions who fought for decent pay? And when the unions’ power is zero everywhere, will your work conditions improve, or get worse?

Do you really believe rich Republican leaders when they say Democrats are not patriotic? Do you really believe that patriotism requires nothing more than wearing a flag pin? Is it more important to wear that flag pin or to speak out against torture for the sake of the moral soul of the nation?

Maybe you should think this thing through again.


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