Contentious Politics

Has party politics always been as ugly as it is now? Yeah, I expect it has. If you look at colonial and revolutionary times, people were saying all kinds of nasty things to each other, and every now and then a couple of them shot at each other. Not that the US is alone in this. There have been several occasions where brawls broke out on the floor in Japan, Italy, Brazil and elsewhere.

Too bad. Has anyone ever moderated his opinion because of things like the following conservative bad-mouthing of our elected president? These statements have nothing positive to contribute.

  • “…take your little Jr. (Big) G-man decoder ring and badge and high tail it back to the street corner…you got decades commie agitatin’…”
  • “As more and more states take a stand against foreign law, Obama’s Department of sharia enforcement Justice is fighting the will of the American people and the Constitution.”
  • “Whatever the so-called ‘president’ said today; a month from now, two months, when smacked in the butt by reality, he will endorse the exact opposite and hail it as earth-shattering proposal, that he was always in favor. The liberal drones everywhere will proclaim it ‘brilliant’.”
  • “…people of superior intellect and insight, like King Barack, can’t be bothered with trivialities, such as court rulings [‘Obama also thumbed his nose at a judge’s decision declaring Obamacare unconstitutional.’], that would apply to those of us in the great unwashed.”
  • “The man does not have a bone of decency in his entire body.”

These are examples of the more mild comments found online. Not one is a statement of fact, and on the rare occasions when they are, the facts are usually flat-out wrong or at best half correct. Many others are laced with four-letter words and all kinds of vitriol. You have to keep your face away from the screen because of the flying spit.

The Internet has made things worse. Everybody and his brother gets in on the act, and they are free to spew expletives and make nasty comments about people they never met because they can do so in complete anonymity.

Because I’m liberal, I’d like to believe that liberals are better than conservatives in this regard, but I’m not so sure about that. I’ve seen similar bad-mouth on liberal sites, and I don’t like it any better. In any case, this kind of thing contributes absolutely nothing to the debate, and just heats up the blood of too many easily excited people.

The irony is that practically any two people in the world who aren’t raving lunatics could easily sit down for a cup of tea or a beer and enjoy each others’ company. Heck, the president proved it when he invited the black Harvard professor and the white cop who misguidedly arrested him to the White House, where they did indeed have mugs of beer and a few laughs, and got along just fine.

That brings me to myself.

Could my stuff be as bad as some of the things I read. All Heaven forefend! Actually, I did go back and read my blog stuff again, because I certainly don’t want to sound like the crap above. And what did I find? Every sentence was the very soul of forbearance and tolerance. Just kidding. But I haven’t indulged in reckless ranting and name calling, at least, in spite of the fact that I think conservatives have a lot to answer for and much too often fail to exercise rational judgment.

I will continue to rant and rave about conservative shortcomings, and how they are damaging our democracy. If I ever write stuff like those examples above, please tell me to stop, and I will.

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