Seems Odd

The benevolent wisdom of our completely unbiased Supreme Court determined a while ago that corporations are people. People? As such, they are entitled to contribute as much as they want to political campaigns. This confused me a bit, but I’m sure it’s just me.

Is a corporation equal to one person, or is it equal to all the people in the corporation? If it is equal to one person, who is that person? Is it the boss?

That would be odd, because surely not everyone in a corporation perfectly reflects the boss’s political opinion. In fact, it would seem foreordained that the boss votes Republican and everyone else votes Democratic, since Republicans stand for money and power, and Democrats stand for people—actual people, not corporations. Just my guess. If the corporate support is automatically for Republicans only, then all the workers are disenfranchised. If the boss speaks for the employees, then the employees cannot speak for themselves.

No, that can’t be true. All the workers could organize and raise a few million to contribute to the Democratic campaign. Have workers ever tried to do this? Oh, they have tried to organize and collect money? And what happened? Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

It’s perplexing. Surely, even the bosses want the workers to have a fair and equal voice in how their country is managed. Surely someone has informed the Supreme Court about this.

Just curious. It seems odd.


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