The War You’re In

Let me guess. You didn’t know you were in a war. It’s all just a bunch of politicians, up to their usual stuff, isn’t it?

Sadly, it’s far more than that. The essential battle is money against the people. The people are losing. There are many reasons for that, but the essence is that money can buy all sorts of weapons, whereas people are not only individually unable to pay for weapons of that sort, but would really rather just go about their business.

And you. Are you the kind of person who obsesses over accumulating “wealth”, that is, with always increasing your Net Worth? Or are you a person who pays attention to money, because we all must, but doesn’t think money is the primary reason  for your life?

If the latter, you’re a Democrat, and your very wellbeing is under assault by those whose life purpose consists solely of making money. They have a well-defined battle plan, backed by hundreds of billions of dollars. With that money they buy crucial politicians, submit completed legislation to Congress for approval, and a hundred other things that they believe will make them richer, and which, incidentally, makes you worse off.

And they tell you that what they are doing will make the country better off, that the truckloads of cash they accumulate will somehow make us all richer. Right now the uber-rich control as much of the nation’s wealth as they did in 1928. The spread between the haves and the have-nots is greater than ever. But this is good, they say. Ask them: When the stock market crashed in 1929, who was hurt more, the rich, or the rest of us?

Ah, they will say, it was the rich, whose wealth was devastated, reduced to a small part of what it had been. Ah, the suffering! But did the rich find themselves without a home, and not enough to eat? With holes in their clothing and shoes? Well, no, that was the rest of us.

The arsenal of the rich includes the Republican Party, which is largely based on the complete falsehood that the rich will make everyone richer. The amazing thing is that they have been able to convince so many people that they are right, even though the evidence is plain and right in front of them. Another of their weapons is the demonization of liberal Democrats, through a relentless system of distortion, name calling, half truths, and outright lies.

We know what the ideal Republican world would be: The super-rich own everything, and run the government to suit themselves. Most of the rest of us would work at wage jobs that pay the least amount the rich owners can get away with. All government programs that help the less fortunate, such as the injured or unemployed, would be done away with. In our reduced circumstances, we would be expected to provide literally everything necessary for our lives, and to do it with inadequate pay.

How does that sound to you? To me it sounds pretty much like the ancient system of nobles and serfs, which is where most of the primary beliefs of conservatives come from.

The situation borders on insanity. For certain, logic and reality, results and practicality, have nothing to do with it. It is all but impossible to convince Republicans by mere facts and critical thinking, because they follow only their guiding principle. That principle is easy to follow: oppose everything Democratic.

Are you in a war? You bet you are, and the outcome is anything but certain.


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  1. We are in a war. I am amazed by how many people I know who still say things like “I don’t vote, it won’t make a difference to my life anyway.” I know that Obama getting elected, even with all his faults, made a very concrete difference in my family’s life, even as far as the amount of COBRA benefits my father got, etc. A conservative president getting elected in 2012 would absolutely make a difference as well…..


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