Oh, Those Republican Socialists!

Guess when the Republicans started ranting that we were marching straight into socialism. Was it during the Cold War, in the 1960s? Was it in 1917, after the Russian revolution? No, actually, Republicans have been saying we’re marching straight into socialism since 1856. That’s 1856! It must be that their warnings are effective, because they have kept us from marching straight into socialism for one hundred seventy years.

It would be wise indeed to avoid marching straight into Socialism. After all, look how it turned out for the USSR. We certainly don’t want that dead old idea to come to America. But of course it won’t, because it’s pretty much a dead old idea except in the addled heads of the Castro brothers. Even the Chinese had to change it.

But somehow the whole warning got sidetracked, and now we’re talking about health care and retirement. Health care and retirement!? What’s that got to do with Socialism? Nothing, actually.

So it was amusing when Thom Hartmann, on Truthout, presented the following item, which will doubtless further confuse Republicans who think that the democratically chosen health plans that provide for all modern nations but ours are—that dreaded word—“Socialism”. I couldn’t improve on what Thom said:

“Americans love football—which means they also love Socialism! The NFL season kicked off this weekend, and as ThinkProgress pointed out, Americans flocked to their televisions to watch just how successful progressive policies in action can be. Over the years the NFL has adopted a series of ‘socialist’ rules to ensure the sport remains enjoyable to its fans and stays open for business. Among these include revenue sharing: all the money the NFL makes is divided evenly among all 32 teams no matter if a team in New York generates far more money than a team in Tennessee. Also, the NFL has a salary cap to make sure wealthier owners can’t just buy a winning team. It also has strong labor unions, and practices affirmative action. Not to mention that last year’s Super Bowl champions were the ‘socialist’ Green Bay Packers—the only team that’s owned by everyone living in its home city, as opposed to just one rich guy. So instead of just rooting for our favorite NFL teams we should start acting like them, and supporting a progressive agenda for more industries across the nation.

“And that’s the way it is today – Monday, September 12th, 2011. I’m Thom Hartmann – on the news.”

Republicans, if they should happen to stumble upon either Thom’s item or mine, will be reinforced in their belief that we are marching straight into Socialism. The NFL is proof.

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