“The 53%” Are Victims Like Everyone Else

Check out “The 53%” in your spare time. These are people who are pissed off at the 99%, because, they universally claim, we are all spoiled loafers who should get a job, like they did, rather than complain about the rich.

Anyone can submit their inspiring photo (usually a photo of their complaint, consisting of their own inspiring story of true grit) expressing how tough it was for them, but how they persevered by working hard, and became successful. And how they resent everyone else, who is just too lazy to get a job, who thinks they are entitled to an easy life at the expense of the 53%.

Their name comes from the fact that 53% of Americans pay income tax. They think they are supporting everyone else. They never ask why those in poverty work full time to earn only $22,000 per year for a family of four, while their share of the Gross Domestic Product is $188,000 per year. Then there’s the minor factor that plenty of people who are 99%-ers are in fact employed, paying taxes, and therefore are also 53%-ers.

The 53%-ers should, of course, be congratulated. Their success is testimony to their work ethic and their value as good citizens. Their complaints, however, are really just lamentations about their victimization, the very thing they say they dislike about the 99%.

Like Tea Partiers, the 53%-ers don’t seem to understand what it’s all about. They don’t even realize that the reason their pay has not improved in four decades is because of rich conservatives who have transferred all the wealth to themselves. They haven’t heard that there are five unemployed people for every job available, that you can’t just take a job for the time being at Wendy’s or Starbucks because they aren’t hiring. They don’t realize that the 99% are in fact from every walk of life, that the 53%-ers themselves are 99%-ers, whether they like it or not.

They aren’t interested in fixing the mess rich conservatives have created. They are interested only in feeling put upon by all us lazy people who refuse to get a job. They are interested only in being victims of the lazy rest of the world. They have nothing positive to offer. Except their work, of course, which in itself is admirable. No argument there.

Should the poor and unemployed have to pay income taxes? Of course they should. But first, they have to be able to find a job, and second they must be fairly paid for their work. When that happens there will be no more 53%.


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  1. I believe the GOP is creating “class warfare”. One method is to cut taxes on income and property,but make these up by penalizing “law-breakers”..The people who break the law are often penalized for small infractions and then the costs snowball because they can’t pay the original penalty.Here in hoosierland speeding tickets are given not to increase safety but only to increase revenue. This is proven by the practice of municipalties forgiving citations and hiding them from the state ,if a special fee is paid.I could go on and on .The poor are kicked when they are down,and then if they complain , the republicans call it “class warfare”. If this goes on much longer they will see class war for real,and it won’t be pretty.


  2. PS: Data from the Urban Institute-Brookings Tax Policy Center show only about 14 percent of households paid neither federal income tax nor payroll tax in 2009, despite the high unemployment and temporary tax cuts that marked that year…Most of the people who pay neither federal income tax nor payroll taxes are low-income people who are elderly, unable to work due to a serious disability, or students, most of whom subsequently become taxpayers. (In a year like 2009, this group also includes a significant number of people who have been unemployed the entire year and cannot find work.)… When all federal, state, and local taxes are taken into account, the bottom fifth of households paid 16.3 percent of their incomes in taxes, on average, in 2010. [Ctr. on Budget and Policy Priorities, 31 May 2011]

    Basically, this means “The 53%” are operating on a premise that is completely wrong to begin with.


    • Another tidbit. FYI, 53%-ers, 70% of Occupy people ARE employed, compared to 56% of Tea Partiers.


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