Top 1 = Bottom 80

Krugman posted this Wednesday. It’s from a Congressional Budget Office report. If you ever needed proof that wealth has been transferred from us to them, this is as graphic as it gets. The wealth the 1% gained is almost perfectly mirrored by the wealth everybody else lost. The only shortcoming of this graph is that it doesn’t show how much worse it’s gotten since 2007.

And so we can see just how well the Republican beliefs work. They work very well to make the rich the very rich, but it should be obvious to just about everyone by now that giving them all that money does absolutely nothing good for the rest of us. The opposite is true. Everyone else is worse off.

Every 15th person is officially poor, that is, living below the official poverty level. Twenty million people live on income half the poverty level. Our national health, just one of the many effects of this wealth theft, is worse now, with millions uninsured and millions of others paying the poverty penalty. That is, the health cost of increased poverty is many billions of dollars and many early deaths. Not to mention the decline of democracy and the diminished commercial capacity of the nation.

I continue to be amazed that anyone could still believe this is the way to improve the nation.


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