Revolution Amongst Us

What many people haven’t yet realized is that the movement represented by Occupy is revolution. We want change. We want justice. We want the restoration of the democracy that has been stolen from us by the very rich and their corrupt conservative supporters.

The plain fact that there are ultra-rich people in the US does not bother most of us, although we view them with contempt when they flaunt their sickening excesses and ignore the real world of want and need all around them. What does bother us is that it has become progressively more obvious that so many of the ultra-rich got that way not through skill, or even luck, but by manipulating the social system in many ways in order to satisfy their infinite greed, destroying one part of our democracy after another to get there. Even that wouldn’t count for so much, except that the manipulation was with our money, and at the cost of all the rest of us, to say nothing of the natural environment. The other 99%, have become progressively less well off because of the ultra-rich and their moral failings.

Fortunately for them, this is a nonviolent revolution, and it will continue to be so. There will be no guillotined heads, regardless of how many times we detect “Let them eat cake” arrogance. But a revolution it is. We want our democracy back.

The country should realize that if economic justice does not become a big part of the national dialogue, violence will eventually become possible. It’s highly improbable, but not impossible, that the situation will get so bad that, as has happened in despotic countries around the world, we will have no choice other than a hot revolt to restore the democracy that the conservative rich have so assiduously destroyed. Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that those on the right come to their senses and realize that a nation of princes and paupers does not satisfy the dreams of the founding fathers, and in the long run causes moral bankruptcy for all.


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