What Believers in Non-science Believe

One has to assume that most Republicans have some education. Probably most of them even went to college. But they somehow missed out on one of the central developments of the past four centuries, how modern science works. Republicans cannot claim to understand science, because they universally reject two of the most significant and conclusive findings of science in recent times. They claim that evolution does not exist, and they claim that global climate change does not exist. Since there is conclusive science showing that both these things do in fact exist, we can only conclude that Republicans either do not understand science or reject it.

Here are some other things that science non-believers think are true.

People can change themselves into animals. A goat is being prosecuted for a crime because it is claimed that a criminal whom nobody could catch changed himself into a goat to elude them. So far the goat-criminal has not confessed.

If you eat the flesh of an albino person, you will have magical powers. In some places, a number of albinos have been murdered outright, their flesh consumed. So far there have been no reports of magical powers.

Rhinoceros horn is a powerful aphrodisiac. If you put just a little bit of it into a tea, you will have mighty sexual powers. So far no studies have been done to validate this claim. However, the white rhino appears to now be extinct because of true believers.

If you believe in the Power of the Lord, you will be bulletproof. This somehow failed to protect some such soldiers, but nothing is stronger than faith, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

If you consume tiger penis you will have the power of the tiger. If you can’t afford tiger, penis of some other large cat is almost as good. This is a favorite of certain very rich men, and one of the primary reasons that several big cats are on the verge of extinction.

Certain people, usually women, turn themselves into witches and perform evil deeds. They are able to cast spells on people, and cause other bad things to happen. Witches did not go out of style after Salem in the 1600s. One of them was executed just the other day.

You get the point.

Republicans have a choice. Either they can do the only reasonable thing and accept science, including the great theories that enlighten the modern world, evolution, relativity, global warming, and so on, or they can align themselves with magic. There is no third alternative.


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