Republicans and Their “Family Values”. Yeah, right.

If Republicans are the party of family values, why are they doing so many things that crush the family? In the three decades Republican conservatives have controlled and compressed our lives, the family’s lot has suffered steadily losses. Family stability is at a record low. Divorce, especially among conservative Christians, is at a high. Worker pay has been stagnant or declining. Half of American families are living in poverty or close to it. Millions of Americans have no regular health care. Millions have no money to save for retirement.

Republicans, and Democrats as well, support corporate values. Corporate values trump family values every time. If the corporate leaders say benefits must go, they go, and to hell with the families that suddenly have no insurance or savings. If the corporate bosses say fire 30,000 workers, then 30,000 families, 120,000 humans lives, are either upended or destroyed. Some end up living in cars. Real family values, those.

Corporate values trump family values every time.

Corporations act as if they had no responsibility for the public, but their very existence depends on an important trust with the public. They can’t just take. They also owe. Every aspect of corporate functioning depends on infrastructure and services provided entirely by the taxes the public pays. But the 30 biggest corporations spent more on lobbying than on taxes. In fact, 29 of them paid no taxes at all.

If the political parties, either one, want to protect family values, they need to address the things that affect families. What are the things that keep families together? What splits them apart? I suspect they have nothing to do with same-sex marriage or the fertilized human egg as fully human. Same-sex marriage has had no effect on marriage whatsoever. Whether a fertilized egg is actually a fully formed human is quite beside the point. These are not family values.

If the political parties want to protect family values,
they need to address the things that affect families.

There is little question that family income is the single most important factor when family values are discussed. In spite of full-time work in good faith, family income has completely failed to provide the stability that protects families. Half of the nation lives in poverty or near it. The US ranks at the very bottom of modern nations in child poverty. We fail completely to provide ways for families to work and strengthen themselves. Fifty million Americans, a huge number, have no health care. It is impossible for low income people to save for retirement when their paycheck doesn’t cover necessities. When corporations fire 30,000 people, which they do frequently, they might as well dump them all in landfill and cover them over, because their lives are mostly ruined.

“Family values”? Pah! Talk to me about family values when you’re ready to talk about real family values.


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