Could We Not Just Try Reducing the Number of Abortions?

As far as I can tell, nobody anywhere thinks abortion is a good idea, not even abortion providers. Every abortion is a failure. It would seem then, that the goal of reducing the number of abortions would be a no-brainer goal that everyone could get behind. Why, then, is it not?

Nobody anywhere thinks abortion is a good idea.
Every abortion is a failure.

What we have instead of this reasonable and achievable goal, is religious and ideological rigidity that year after year does nothing toward reducing abortion. Why? Because the anti-abortionists are not interested in actually reducing abortion. They will settle for nothing less than the complete abolition of abortion, and refuse to entertain the thought that those many millions who disagree with them might not be the devil incarnate.

Now, given that dangerous and illegal abortions have occurred in virtually every society in history, regardless of the risk, what do you suppose would be the outcome of outlawing all abortion? Have we forgotten that one of the main reasons abortion is now legal in the US is because of the life-threatening risks of amateur abortion that occurred when it wasn’t? Do we suppose that things are different now, that women and their families whose lives would be

Is there a single person in the anti-abortion camp
who actually wants to reduce the number of abortions?

markedly worsened by a pregnancy are somehow going to be OK now? That there are not pregnancies that are life-threatening for the woman? Or perhaps we espouse the belief that only “those people” find themselves pregnant, and they shouldn’t be having sex anyway. As if.

Yet, we have the whole of Congress repeatedly railing against Planned Parenthood, supposedly because they don’t want federal funds to be used for abortion. The fact that federal funds are not used for abortion, that in fact 97% of all PP funds are for other aspects of women’s health is somehow irrelevant. Then we have the current flapdoodle over the Susan Komen cancer group subterfuge in also trying to put PP’s women’s health project out of business. Is there anyone among this bunch who is willing to look at the facts?

Is there a single person in the anti-abortion camp who actually wants to reduce the number of abortions, rather than posture and shake their jowls in self-righteous indignation? If so, would that person please step forward, or would speaking up for something so common sense require too much bravery.

All they have to do is to adopt the goal.

It is quite possible to radically reduce the number of abortions without creating all the trouble that anti-abortionists have treated us to for the past forty years or so. All they have to do is to adopt the goal of radical reduction of abortions, and it would happen.

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  1. The problem as you correctly identify, John, is that the issue of abortion has become polarized, captured by ideological rigidity on both sides of the aisle. The fundamentalist religious right believes abortion under any circumstances to be murder, and the far left sees any move to restrict abortion as a ticket back to the era of coathangers.

    Both miss the point, which is to avoid the need for the procedure in the first place, and to provide it under the healthiest possible circumstances when it is unavoidable. Can we conservatives not see abortion as a decision between a woman, her doctor, and her God, wherein big government deserves no role?


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