Automatic Community

What do we as individuals want? What do we as a community want? Are these things different? If so, why? Aren’t we as individuals part of the community?

The tragic error that so many make is to imagine that they are, in fact, completely individual. They would divorce themselves from the community that surrounds them. They would have no responsibility for the community, and the community would have no responsibility for them. What they imagine is not even possible.

The tragic error that so many make
is to imagine that they are
completely individual.

You see some of these people in news photos these days, holding signs that tell us complete ruin is arriving in the form of some government program or another they don’t like, something that will absolutely kill our freedom. (More often than not, the signs are misspelled.) They arrive on buses of like-minded people of their community… Wait! How is that possible? These are people who want no community. Well, OK, buses of members of their church… Wait! Doesn’t that count as a community?

Do these people band together for their cause, but don’t care about the others in their group? What if there were an accident, and some of their group were hurt. Would they not care? Do they suppose that people who completely disagreed with them would not care? The very thought is ridiculous.

Everyone would care. The one thing that always happens when disaster strikes is that people come together to help in whatever way they can. If people need help, they need help. Is that not community?

It is quite literally impossible
not to care about community.

We can pretend we don’t care about community, but in fact it is quite literally impossible not to. We can be a total curmudgeon, and refuse to even speak to our neighbors, but our withdrawal has no effect on the fact that we live surrounded by our community, and it is certain that any one of that community would call 9-1-1 if they were to see our house afire, without evaluating our curmudgeonry before doing so. So would you, you old curmudgeon.

Why, then, do so many people want to turn away the great strength we have, our strength as community? When we act together, benefits to ourselves are multiplied, whether that community is our street or our nation. We take care of each other. The strongest community is the 313-million of us who live in the United States of America.

When we act as a national community for the common good, we are strong, and we are all better for it. When we do not act as a national community, we are ruled by special interests, by people who have an agenda that applies only to themselves. These days the special interests are the very rich, who have chipped away at our national wellbeing for decades, leaving a nation badly divided by politics and controlled by wealth alone. We have become so politically alienated that we even refuse to approve of things that would benefit everyone.

When we act as a national community,
we are strong. When we don’t,
we are ruled by special interests.

When we act as a community, a community of the whole 313-million of us, we are all better off. Equality moves in the direction of balance, and greater equality benefits everyone. Rational protection of our life support system becomes the only possible thing to do. Caring for the wellbeing of every single person in our community becomes mandatory.


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