Do They Still Deny It?

A hundred tornadoes stirred up the Midwest in a single day. Fortunately, improved forecasting allowed most to take steps that probably saved a number of lives. Check out this hail from Kansas, which would have killed anyone it hit (photo: 5 State Weather).

A couple of days before that, we in San Francisco witnessed over 700 lightning strikes, high winds, and heavy rains in a couple of hours. Any lightning at all used to be a big deal in SF.

Last summer, half a million trees died in Texas’ heat wave, where temps remained above 100˚F for three months. Thousands died in Russia and Europe from a long heat wave. Record flooding occurred in many places around the globe. The lowest-lying seacoasts everywhere are experiencing erosion that has changed the land contour, even in San Francisco.

And so it goes: torrential rains and flooding, disastrous drought, record heat, swarms of tornadoes, record hurricanes and cyclones, shorelines washing into the sea…

I propose a contest: Who will be the last Republican to insist that climate change is something dreamed up by scientists to get more grant money?

There should be some sort of prize. I’m open to suggestions.

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  1. Not me. I’m happy to grant the climate change argument purely on the basis of the precautionary principle. Even if it is wrong, the things we need to do to curtail global warming would be positive steps for our economy and our polity for other reasons.


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