True Believers

Conservatism Republicanism is a religion consisting of True Believers. The hallmark of the True Believer is that he may never change his mind based on new evidence. When the evidence becomes simply overwhelming, the True Believer responds by switching his attention to something else. The previous belief is simply put aside.

Global climate change is a perfect example. Republicans will never say that every climate scientist in the world was right all along, there is in fact global warming, and the evidence does say it is caused by humans. They will simply ignore it, difficult as that will be.

Historically, something similar happened after Galileo showed the church that Earth is not the center of the universe. The church, in its holy infallibility, once they had created enough trouble for Galileo and other thinking people, once the evidence could no longer be denied, simply quit mentioning it. Today they embrace a different series of beliefs for which there is scant evidence.

Republicanism is a religion
consisting of True Believers.

Conservative Republicans have a series of core beliefs for which there is no evidence. The most popular fantasies today include a belief that making a tiny part of the population preposterously rich will bring prosperity to everyone else. But the evidence we see every day of our lives shows the exact opposite. Vast concentration of wealth makes everyone else less well off. Yet Republican True Believers persist in their fantasy.

They also believe that government should consist of a caretaker skeleton crew, an oversized military, and nothing more. The evidence for the foolishness of this belief is not in our face every day because neither we nor any other government in the world has ever had those conditions. The historical evidence is totally absent and no Republican has ever been able to present actual evidence that this might be a good idea. It’s an act of faith, of True Belief.

Republicans have a series of core beliefs
for which there is no evidence.

Recent fantasy national budgets developed from those same people exercising those same beliefs promise great savings, but neither the budgets nor their authors are able to say where, specifically, the great savings will come from. Until they can, they are living a fantasy. If they can actually tell us where this money will come from, and prove that it would not cause enormous damage to the wellbeing of the population, I will be among the first to convert to the cause. But they cannot, because no actual evidence exists.

Allowing the fantasies of Republican True Believers to determine our laws and how we spend our money is a surefire recipe for disaster.


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