Some Telling Graphs

Here’s what’s wrong with our economy, and why it’s better under Obama than it would be otherwise, shown in five unambiguous graphs.

Although productivity has risen sharply since 1989, this money has not gone to workers.

A quarter of US workers are in low-wage jobs. These jobs don’t provide enough income for health care or retirement savings.

Since the time of Reagan, the money has gone to the rich.

Republican complaints about runaway government employment under Obama are belied by the facts.

Republicans want us to have more austerity, like Europe, but the Eurozone is underperforming the US. (

All told, Republican plans have consistently led to worsening conditions for all but the rich. Against active Republican opposition, the American economy under Obama has improved more than Europe has. The US economy is again in positive territory, now at a modest 2.3%. But no European country’s growth exceeds 1%, and several are showing negative growth.


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  1. Reblogged this on Phil Ebersole's Blog and commented:
    These graphs posted by John Pennington of San Francisco give a good snapshot of the U.S. economy. I think the loss of public sector jobs (shown in the fourth graph) is a bad thing, not a good thing.


  2. Public sector losses are certainly negative, but Republicans are claiming runaway government costs, which is false.


    • I wonder what those public sector jobs are. If it is cutting teachers – that’s bad. If its cutting military guys hanging out in New Zealand – that’s probably a good thing…


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