How to Prove Obama is Bad

Try to pretend that government spending is out of control because of Obama, and that he is responsible for most of the current recession. Ignore the fact that public sector spending has fallen and private sector spending has risen. Fail to understand that unregulated Wall Street gambling is what actually caused the crash well before Obama was president. Do not acknowledge that government spending should increase in an economic downturn. (Economist’s View blog; click charts for clearer view)

Claim that the dismal employment report for May, in which only 69,000 new jobs were created, is all Obama’s fault. Ignore the fact that job “creation” in Europe was actually negative, with a loss of 110,000 jobs. Forget that Republicans automatically oppose whatever it is the president proposes. Pretend the stimulus had no effect in 2009, and therefore is not needed now. Continue to urge additional levels of the austerity dogma that is causing Europe’s worsening problems.

Say that Obama could improve the unemployment rate by giving a tax break to the rich, just like Ronald Reagan did. Ignore the fact that nothing of the sort happened then. (Economist’s View)

Claim the president has no strength, no bravery, and is unwilling to take risk. Then, when he proves otherwise by assassinating our number one enemy, call him brutal and unfit for office. When he ends one of the two long and unnecessary wars created under pretense by his predecessor, say he is capitulating to the enemy, and giving away our freedoms to terrorists at our doorstep.

Make the radical right wingster talking heads of radio and TV the de facto leaders of the Republican party. Accept everything they invent about Obama as the gospel truth, thus relieving yourself of the necessity to do your own thinking.

Try to look serious and not giggle when yet another supposedly intelligent Tea Party wingster claims that Obama was born in Kenya, is a member of the communist party, is a Muslim planning universal Shariah law, plans to take away our guns, and various other nutcake rants. Refuse to accept his birth certificate from Hawaii as real, ignoring the fact that Hawaii is actually a state now, and their birth certificates are as real as yours is.

Fail to understand that most of the information that contradicts your prejudices actually comes from non-partisan government agencies.


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  1. Well put!


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