The Great Republican Voter Fraud

This scheme must have come out of some secret cabal meeting. We can guess that the usual suspects were there. Then the word came down from on high, and all Republicans must obey: Voter Fraud.

Now, this was very clever, because in some places there has been voter fraud of the kind we see in various dictatorships, and nobody wants that. Zimbabwe comes to mind. The army comes and takes the ballot boxes away. Somehow in the morning the dictator has been re-elected with a 90% majority.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans
must have fraudulently registered and voted.

But that’s not what the Republicans are claiming. What they are claiming is that hundreds of thousands of Americans, maybe millions, who are not eligible to vote have fraudulently registered, then illegally voted. It’s vast, individual voter fraud. But why would anyone do that, let alone vast numbers of people? To counteract this immense fraud, Republicans (always Republicans) have since 2011 introduced 180 new laws restricting the vote.

Odd, though, that, over many decades, every agency in the country that has studied voter fraud has found none. Let me modify that. Several people have voted who were not qualified to vote. Several. Mind you, this is a nation of 314,053,413 people. What percentage of the population has actually been shown to vote fraudulently? Well, it’s something like 0.002%. Several people, and some of those simply thought they were eligible.

Again and again, the United States has been shown to have no significant voter fraud. Why, then, have the Republicans tried to make something out of nothing? Ask any African-American in the country. They will say: It’s the new poll tax.

Again and again,
the United States has been shown to have
no significant voter fraud.

You remember the poll tax. That’s how the Old South arranged to keep “them darkies” from voting. Nobody who wasn’t white could afford the tax. The goal now is to prevent Democrats from voting, particularly Democrats of color.

The new poll tax is worse. It’s more costly for voters, some of whom have been voting for half a century or more. Suddenly, racist Republican state legislatures have decided—in order to bring an end to the massive individual voter fraud that doesn’t exist—they will make it really hard and expensive to vote.

Any African-American in the country knows:
It’s the new poll tax.

Now, suppose you are a person of color who has attained a certain age. Were you born at home? If you were, you probably never had a birth certificate. But now your state has decided you need an official card to vote again. Great. But it will take you months and dollars to obtain some sort of official indication of your birth, if you can get it at all. Then you can go in person to the county courthouse and, eventually, get a card with your picture on it, if you can afford to, something that no state required before 2006. Think that will happen between now and November 6th? Of course not. Hundreds of thousands of perfectly legal American voters are finding themselves in predicaments like this.

That’s the whole point. You are not rich, and therefore you are not likely to vote for people whose purpose is to make the rich richer. The goal is to disenfranchise as many voters as possible, because they will be mostly Democrats. Some Republicans have spilled the beans and said exactly that.

Here’s my prediction: After this election, Republicans will suddenly lose all interest in voter ID cards. That’s because voter fraud has nothing to do with it. There isn’t a Democrat in the country who believes in this farce. The real voter fraud is The Great Republican Voter Fraud.


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