Oh My Goodness, Look What Obama Has Done!

  • Declared war on religion
  • Wants to send checks to people for doing nothing
  • Would invite Karl Marx to the Democratic National Convention
  • Wants to put American companies out of business
  • Was married to a Pakistani man
  • Was born in Kenya
  • Planned Obamacare to bankrupt the nation
  • Has blood on his hands
  • Is paving the way for an Islamic takeover
  • Has a record of complete failure
  • Is a Marxist, a Socialist, or a Communist
  • Increased government spending, putting it out of control
  • Is working to bankrupt America
  • Is personally responsible for the deaths of millions of Americans
  • Plans to destroy the military
  • Insults Americans
  • Has groveled before our inferiors, apologizing for American wrongs
  • Is planning to take away our guns
  • Is ignorant about the Constitution
  • Is failing to help Syrian rebels
  • Is secretly supporting the overthrow of governments
  • Is Muslim
  • Is soft on Iran and Iran nukes
  • Has declared war on rich people
  • Has declared war on poor people
  • Doesn’t care about the middle class
  • Supports terrorism
  • Is a terrorist
  • Is expanding crimes against our civil liberties
  • Is paying no attention to climate change
  • Is paying too much attention to climate change
  • Hates Israelis; loves Palestinians—or vice versa
  • Wants to impose Sharia law in the US
  • Wants American schools to become madrassas
  • Wants to murder babies
  • Hates America
  • Encourages Mexicans to illegally immigrate to US
  • Is an ivory-tower elitist
  • Is not smart enough
  • Is a crybaby who should be in diapers

As Charles Blow said not long ago on TV, the rabid right just goes berserk every time they hear Obama’s name. They are convinced that SOMEHOW he managed to TRICK his way into the White House. They are certain he is there because of magic or witchcraft, and it just drives them nuts, and we must find a way to remove him to save our country.

Well, no wonder!


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