This Is the One That Counts

It’s hard to believe that there is a single voter who just can’t decide between the presidential candidates at this point. It’s crystal clear: money or people. Either you vote for the uncontrolled power of the mega-rich, or you vote for the real people. If you are not among the mega-rich, your fortunes will suffer under Republican rule. Even if Obama wins, Republicans will continue their ongoing tactic of complete obstruction of anything that might benefit you.

It’s crystal clear: money or people.

Republicans believe that “business” is the supreme objective of life. They cannot conceive of a higher goal, nor can they understand that something like environmental destruction (or its worst manifestation, global climate change) makes everything else moot. They’re still calling for an infinity of increased atmospheric pollution, which would virtually assure the decline of the fortunes of everyone on the planet.

Neither can they believe the radical idea that people who do not think business is the ultimate goal—which is you and me and most of us—are not worthless slackers trying to get by on government handouts. Remember Mitt’s unexpurgated comments about “the 47%”, nearly half the country? According to him and those who think like him, only “business” matters, and anyone not a business owner is essentially a worthless freeloader. That 47% is us, you and me. Do you think you are a worthless freeloader?

Anyone who is not a business owner
is a worthless freeloader.
Do you think you are a worthless freeloader?

If you are rich, you should vote for Obama anyway. Romney will continue to support the ongoing decline of all citizens but the rich. His corporate policies will continue to support the destruction of environment without control, increasing pollution of air, water, and soil, and unrestricted exploitation of the poor and middle class. If you are rich, you already have every necessity money can buy, and much more. But you will suffer along with everyone else as the country declines, because your gated community cannot save you from the national economic fate or environmental losses.

Romney’s economic plans are fiction, an utter fabrication. There isn’t the slightest reason to believe that anything he claims will happen. Krugman has a good summary showing why Romney’s job numbers are, quite simply, bald lies. All his talk about jobs is made up from whole cloth, completely false. If Romney & Wrecking Crew are elected, we can expect reversal of our slow recovery and further decline of the fortunes of most people for the indefinite future.

Romney’s economic plans are an utter fabrication.

There have been Democratic presidents over the past three decades, and when that has happened, the economic fortunes of the country and every citizen have improved, and then declined again under Republicans. In spite of Democratic presidents, the last 30 years have belonged to conservative Republicans, who have worked assiduously in everything from secret rooms to the White House and Congress to establish conditions “favorable to business”, i. e., business owners—and detrimental to everyone else.

They have largely succeeded, and now, with hundreds of millions of secret financing pouring in to influence elections in places where distant riches have no legitimate business, the country is on the verge of a complete takeover by Big Money and those who have it. That’s called plutocracy, and it means that no one will fare well except the mega-rich. Inequality will be far greater than it is today.

If Romney is elected, it will become increasingly difficult to have a real democracy.


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  1. Don’t forget the third party… Gary Johnson supports complete wipe-out of corporate tax on businesses, to be replaced by a federal 10% consumption tax.


  2. It seems to me that they’re the same coin of big government, just leaning on different sides. Democrats want to be your provider, Republicans want to be your masters.
    Ultimately, government’s getting bigger. You just get to control the pace and direction of the monsters growth.


    • I don’t know that Democrats want to be your provider. The next post will deal with the topic in a little more detail.


  3. You’re preaching to the choir here although seeing in black and white what a simple decision this year’s vote is, it makes me nervous about how smart Americans are. Recent polls show Obama’s slight lead is getting slighter. My family in Ohio tell me that while polls are in favor of the president, the man on the street is skeptical because at the end of the day his household budget hasn’t changed, and these folks are willing to give anyone – even Romney – a try.

    You mentioned that you might tough on the role of the government in your next post. I’ve written about the effects of socialism on my blog today, might be interesting given the discussion of big v. small government in the US.


    • The trouble with blogging is that it’s mostly preaching to the choir. I do follow a few conservative blogs, but mostly I’ve found that conservative bloggers just want to rave a lot about how bad and stupid the Democrats are.

      I greatly sympathize with your terrible situation in Norway, with all the awful things the government forces you to accept, like childcare, good vacations, healthcare provision, and so on (readers might want to check out this rampaging socialism at the edge of the arctic, see address). On the other hand, I couldn’t deal with the winters.

      This recession seems to be behaving exactly like all the others: slow recovery. Let us hope that enough voters realize that there IS recovery going on, and that the steps Obama took helped. I, like most liberals, do have some concerns about Obama, but they lie in the direction of overstepping legal bounds in international law, for which Republicans have tried to claim Obama is “soft on terrorism”. Aie!


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