The Great Republican Voter Fraud Rolls On

In three states voters received phone calls saying they didn’t have to vote in person because they could vote by phone. There were several instances of plastic bags of completed voter registration forms turning up in dumpsters. One dumping was observed, and traced back to the local Republican headquarters. Billboards have popped up in black neighborhoods warning of prison for voting fraud. These are designed to intimidate former inmates, who may legally vote. In Florida, intimidating bogus notices have turned up in 23 counties. They tell the recipient that his citizenship is in question. In good old Maricopa County, AZ, home of that champion of democracy Sheriff Joe (now being investigated by federal agencies and sued by others), the Spanish language voter notices say the election date is Nov. 8. This is the second time they’ve done this. Several billionaire employers, such as the Koch boys, have warned their employees they might not have a job if they vote Democratic. In Ohio—where the Republican voting authority illegally sent the official observer home early during the 2004 election, after which the Republicans mysteriously gained 300,000 votes, a statistical impossibility that gave Bush the presidency—electronic voting machines that are easy to hack and impossible to verify will count the election. Romney family members are deeply involved with these machines, as is Bain Capital. 2300 voters in Ohio received bogus letters giving the wrong date and the wrong polling place. A Tea Party group called True the Vote has searched nationwide for Democratic voter miscreants. They failed to find any, but they somehow missed the Republican county commissioner right under their noses, who voted at both homes he owns in three elections. But then, they weren’t looking for Republicans. The son of a Democratic rep strung video falsifier James O’Keefe along a little too far rather than telling him to get lost, giving O’Keefe video to distort, which is no doubt online by this time. He will use it as if it were actual evidence, as he has done before. Meantime, there are numerous news columns, TV reports, and articles exposing the Republican assault on democracy, the latest being the lead article in the pre-election New Yorker. This lengthy article, “The Voter Fraud Myth”, by Jane Meyer, corrects many errors, including a 2000 Georgia article frequently cited by Republican vote reformers that said there were 5,400 cases of dead people voting. What Republicans don’t mention is that subsequently all but one case were shown to be clerical errors, and in that one case a poll worker attributed a dead man’s vote to a voter whose name was nearly identical. I’m afraid the Republicans were right, there is significant voter fraud going on. But it is most certainly not where they said it was.

So it’s very clear to everyone except crusading Republicans that there is no significant voter fraud except their own. This makes sense. Why would individual voters risk legal sanctions by voting fraudulently? When voter fraud actually occurs, it is political operatives who do it by stuffing ballot boxes and the like, not individuals.

Does this mean that all is well? It does not. Our voting process is sloppy and inconsistent, and varies widely from state to state. We could use a new national voter law that clarifies the duty of the states and specifies how registration and voting is to be carried out. For example, when someone dies, his or her name should be automatically purged from the voter role. When someone registers to vote at a new location, an automatic process should remove her name from the old voter roll. Service members should be automatically registered from wherever they are posted. All votes should be readily available for confirmation and recount, and electronic machines should be outlawed until they are secure.

But notice that all such processes require government money, and reducing government spending is one of the major goals of the Republican party. News flash for Republicans: you can’t have better government processes such as voting reform without paying for it.

The fact is, Republicans want to reduce voter rolls, because they believe that ordinary people like you and me will vote for Democrats. This may be true. After all, the entire Republican effort has been the further enrichment of the rich at the expense of everyone else, under the incorrect belief that this will in the end help everyone. It will not, and their entire effort is anti-democratic. Instead, our effort should be to clean up the process and get everyone to vote.

Here’s one way that could over time improve democracy by increasing participation in the voting process: every person who reaches the age of 18 is automatically put on the voter roll.

It is in the best interests of democracy to assure that everyone eligible to vote is registered to vote, and that records are kept up to date. The voter fraud being perpetrated now comes from Republicans.


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  2. Hi there! Another great post. It’s funny how we Americans think that we’re the most progressive yet we not only have never had a woman president (it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did to get a candidate) but apparently we take part in voter fraud, too! Just like the Venezuelans, Pakistanis, Indians….

    I found a wonderful blog post by a Republican who has decided to vote Democrat this year, and gives her reasons. I thought you might be interested in it:


    • I was interested, and posted a link to one of my posts about abortion.


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