“Obama’s Taxes Are Killing Us”

Oh really?

That’s the hue and cry from Republicans, yet another complaint with no basis in fact.

Here are OECD figures for personal taxes in 2011. Far from being high, US taxes are just about average, below those of twenty that include the best places to live on the planet.

Sweden 56.6%
Belgium 53.7%
Denmark 52.2%
Netherlands 52.0%
Japan 50.0%
Austria 50.0%
Portugal 50.0%
United Kingdom 50.0%
Finland 49.2%
Ireland 48.0%
Germany 47.5%
France 46.7%
Australia 46.5%
Canada 46.4%
Iceland 46.2%
Italy 45.6%
Israel 45.0%
Greece 45.0%
Spain 45.0%
Weighted Average (by GDP) 44.5%
United States 41.9%
Switzerland 41.7%
Simple Average 41.5%
Luxembourg 41.3%
Slovenia 41.0%
Norway 40.0%
Chile 40.0%
Korea 38.5%
Turkey 35.7%
New Zealand 33.0%
Poland 32.0%
Mexico 30.0%
Estonia 21.0%
Slovak Republic 19.0%
Hungary 16.0%
Czech Republic 15.0%
Source: OECD Tax Database

It would seem that Republicanism has become a church. To belong, you must believe certain things. It is not necessary to prove them.


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