We Vote Tuesday. Have You Started Thinking Yet?

Well, just about everyone should have long ago made up their mind who to vote for, but, amazingly, you haven’t. You see a tossup between Obama and Romney.

Let’s see now. We have a choice between the President, who has a four-year record of success in 30 or 40 ways—in spite of the scorched-earth obstructionist policies of the Republican party, whose stated goal has been to oppose everything that Obama attempts. Not to help govern, but to make our country weaker. Not to build, but to destroy.

What’s that, you say? Obama is destroying jobs? Hmmm. Have you seen the latest EU unemployment figure? It’s 11.6% and rising. In the US it’s 7.8% and falling steadily. Jobs are increasing, and have been since Obama took office. [11/2 update: new jobs were added last month, but some unemployed re-joined official unemployment ranks, so unemployment rose 0.2%.)

EU unemployment is 11.6% and rising.
In the US it’s 7.8% and falling.
There was record spending under Bush,
and it his been falling ever since.

Obama’s government spending is out of control? Really? The fact is, government spending rose steeply to record levels under Bush, and has been falling ever since. Government spending is under control.

Obama is soft on terrorism. Yeah, right. Of course, he took out bin Laden, whereas Bush abandoned the idea when bin Laden was cornered, and went off to start another war on falsified claims. If anything, Obama is pursuing terrorism too enthusiastically.

Then there’s this Romney guy. Not so long ago Republicans were looking over a dozen potential candidates and saying that “anyone but Romney” would be a great president. Then, one by one, the rest of these great presidents crashed and burned when their philandering or semi-legal, ethically-challenged activities came to light, or they made statements that defied reality, or simply disgusted everyone. The only one still standing was Romney, the lowest common denominator. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but that didn’t stop the billionaires from dumping hundreds of millions on him. They consider the money a wise investment that will bring them yet more money in a Romney presidency that would shape government for the benefit of billionaires.

Republicans wanted “anyone but Romney”,
but Romney was the only one still standing.

Romney has campaigned on an endless series of shape-shifting positions and outright lies, honestly earning his Etch-a-Sketch nickname. Pandering to the far right, he disavowed just about every good thing he did as governor of Massachusetts, including the highly successful medical plan on which the very popular Obamacare was modeled. Like all good Republicans, he wants to get rid of just about everything important and crucial the government does.

He said he would get rid of FEMA. Republican presidents routinely try to destroy it, Democratic presidents repair it. (Remember Bush’s “Heckuva job, Brownie”, as his incompetent and leaderless FEMA proved completely unprepared for Katrina, and over 1,800 lives were lost?) Then along came Sandy, and, since there was a Democratic president, we were ready. Do you really think we will be better off without FEMA when the next monster storm comes raging off the Atlantic or the Gulf in two or three years? After weeks of silence, Romney reluctantly admits that maybe FEMA should be adequately funded after all. What else does he not understand?

Romney said he would get rid of FEMA.
Do you really think we will be better off without FEMA
when the next monster storm comes along
in two or three years?

Now we are faced with an onslaught of “flagrantly dishonest” ads from the Romney campaign, as the Vice President noted. No, Obama did not cause the downfall of American automakers. He rescued them, remember? No, he did not ship Jeep off to China. In fact, Jeep is so healthy it actually wants to expand into the China market. It was Romney who said Detroit should be allowed to go bankrupt. Even the UAW couldn’t put up with the lies, saying Romney lived in an “alternate universe”.

Obama “gutted the work requirement in welfare law”, said Romney. He did no such thing. This is what is called a bald-faced lie, which has become increasingly characteristic of the Romney campaign. His campaign manager even said they don’t really care about reality.

Romney is utterly clueless about the things that are important to most Americans. He has no idea what illness means to someone who is paid so poorly that insurance is out of the question. His wealth is measured in hundreds of millions, much of it hidden in shell companies in the Cayman Islands. His subterfuges are so shameful he refuses even to show us his tax returns. By contrast, everything about Obama’s life is transparent and online.

Romney is a man who doesn’t know that over a hundred Americans die every day from lack of health insurance. He thinks they should just use ER. He thinks emergency care is the same as health care, that it can be used to treat things like chronic lung disease or degenerative conditions, even cancer.

Romney’s grasp of the “business of government”
comes from liquidation of troubled companies.

I hope you do some serious thinking
between now and Tuesday. 

Looking at the evidence, you still say you may vote for Romney because you think he has a grasp of the “business of government”. What can you be thinking? Government is not a business, and Romney’s expertise with business lies in takeover and liquidation of troubled corporations, which destroys the livelihoods of many people and ships their jobs overseas. Do you really think these demolition skills would help build our democracy? In a country whose very democracy is threatened by the things that Republicans have promoted for decades? A country where poverty is on the rise and inequality has reached record levels because of Republican beliefs?

Is this really what you want? I hope you do some serious thinking between now and Tuesday.


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  1. Unfortunately, the brainwashed members of the Right don’t care about facts. They prefer soundbites and pretty fictions that allow them to continue living in denial about the real state of things.


  2. Do you think it really is a toss up? I would say the odds are well in Obama’s favour at the moment. Certainly, a Romney win is possible, but he would need a great deal more favours from the Gods of the Electoral College than would Obama.

    Just to push things in a slightly different direction – don’t you think that Democrats are also highly culpable in terms of their close relationships with many vested corporate interests? Isn’t it alarming not so much where the differences between the parties lie, but on the things they agree on?

    Still, with Budweiser in hand (the only American beer we can easily get), and those weird red frat party cups (we saw them in movies), we’ll be paying very close attention to the outcome…


    • It’s not a tossup for me, although it is for some people, and this scares me. I think Romney would be as much a disaster as Bush was, and drag the country closer to plutocracy.

      I don’t at all think Democrats walk on water, and many people have made your point, that there is really no difference between the parties. I don’t agree, but would like to see the Dems do some serious soul searching about who they bow to. But first, let us hope Obama is re-elected.


  3. The fact that a liar like Willard made it past the first primary shows just how bankrupt the Grand Oil Party is – they are worse than brainwashed – all the GOP & their stooges need to do is keep Willard close in the poles so they can do some Red Shift magic (read election fraud) in the middle of the night by just changing vote totals – and the corporate media is giving Willard a free ride – no tax returns – the secrecy when he was Gov & the Olympics where all the records were destroyed when he left – we are rapidly becoming Mexico with a few rich people at the top controlling everything –


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