Witness to Perversion

Voting Day

I write this early on voting day so that no one can accuse me of sour grapes.

I write to say as loudly and clearly as I can that we have witnessed the largest and gravest attempt to pervert voting since the days of Jim Crow laws passed to prevent blacks from voting in the Deep South. Only Republicans participate in this farce, marching under a banner of Voter Fraud, something that simply does not exist in the United States. The few cases that have emerged are just as likely to be Republicans, such as the local official in Pennsylvania who voted at both his residences the past three elections. The reason it doesn’t exist is that it makes no sense for an individual to try to sway an election because his is only one vote among many. It cannot be effective, and it risks legal punishment.

We witness the gravest attempt to pervert
the vote since Jim Crow laws.
Only Republicans participate in this farce.

The attempt, as we all know from dozens of media reports and blogs such as this one, is an ongoing attempt by Republicans to prevent people from voting, particularly those their party and leaders characterize as undesirable. The theory is that such people—people of color, workers at common jobs, people who didn’t go to college—are more likely to vote Democratic.

These are the half of Americans that Republicans, including their presidential nominee, believe are naturally inferior, too lazy to get a job, to be successful by owning a business.

Every thinking Republican
should blush with shame.

This massive scam involves every trick in the book, and has been going on for years. Only Republicans participate in the farce. Virtually no Democrats are trying to prevent people from voting.

One assumes that the most effective schemes are those in which the voter is declared ineligible but is prevented from knowing this until voting day. So she is notified by mail to an old address, with instructions not to forward the letter. Or letters are sent to large numbers of established voters challenging their right to vote and saying they must appear in person at the county courthouse to answer the challenge on a specific date and time. And so on. There are dozens of such schemes, and every one has only one purpose—to prevent a Democrat from voting.

This lie is transparent. Every thinking Republican should blush with shame.

Addendum, 7 Nov. 12: Now is the time to be thinking about voters improperly registered to vote. How about it, Republicans, ready to pitch in? I thought so.

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  1. The influence on the electorate are diverse, and ever present. Schemes to manipulate the voter mix and the voters themselves, insert into our our elections a fantasy. Well funded fantasy, but one that truly is propaganda. No matter the view advanced. This election cycle, should be a shaming embarrassment to all concerned with our electoral system. http://eternalverity.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/hooray-its-over-but-its-really-not/


  2. I admit, this particular flavor of hatred and crazy during the entire election process has depressed me deeply. I finally realized why — it took me back in time to living in Louisiana in 1964, being laughed at for being a “N——-loving yankee” and punished by the teacher for refusing to approve of black kids riding to a shack-school in an open pick up truck.

    Racism, still ugly and still needing kicked.


  3. This is an excellent topic and the media is just not approaching it from this angle. I’m sure you’ve read the various reports that Republicans are finally facing the fact that the US is no longer a white majority and that political parties must appeal to other demographics in order to rule. It’s high-time that the GOP start evolving with the times rather than trying to win the White House with backhanded tactics, like voter fraud.


    • I couldn’t agree more, and will probably bore everyone with a post to that effect.


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