How the GOP Should Prepare for 2016

Today, as the next presidential campaign gets underway, Republicans would do well to think hard about their values and methods.

First and foremost, get over the idea that you are some sort of Superman, with talents far above the rest of humanity. You are not. You may be an intelligent business owner, but intelligence is not a rare commodity, and most people have no interest in owning a business. In addition, almost everyone can do things that you personally would find difficult at best.

Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Really, it’s a pretty good document, and you’ll be surprised by what’s in it. You will discover, for example, that this is not a Christian country, or a country of any other established religion, and no aspect of any religion has any place in public life. One out of every four Americans is not Christian, not even nominally, and we resent your constitutional ignorance and the resulting insults to us.

Forget trying to get more of the Latino vote, or any other ethnic group. Worry instead how to make people’s lives better. Hint: it won’t be via tax breaks for the rich. Another hint: it won’t be by spiteful firing of your workers because Romney lost. Look at the hateful faces of those who have promised to do that. These are not nice people.

Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
You will discover, for example, that
this is not a Christian country.

Put ideology on the back burner until you can find some things that actually work. Consider, for example, the revealed truth that the very rich are the ones who create the wealth of the country, so we should make them richer. In fact, they do no such thing, and in the past four years have contributed nothing much of any value to society. Every single economic study ever done says they do not bring affluence, so quit saying it.

Rein in the Republican state officials who are flirting with the law and discriminating against those they deem undesirable, such as Democrats, Latinos, the grossly underpaid, or those who can’t find a job. Nobody is fooled. Everyone can see their true motives, which are hateful and immoral.

Get over the idea that people of color deserve poverty. Even if it were true, it would not be a reason to repeal democracy, and every working person deserves wages sufficient to live on. Instead, ask yourselves whether Wall Street’s white male Masters of the Universe contributed anything worthwhile as they crashed the world economy.

See Wall Street for what it is, a bunch of arrogant money grubbers who have far too much power, and who for many years have failed to provide any actual benefit for the country. The rule of utility applies to them too. If they can’t point directly to some way the nation benefits from their work—which anyone with an ordinary job can do—they are basically freeloaders or thieves.

Get over the idea that people of color
deserve poverty. Face it, there is a whole
lot of racism among Republicans.

Face it, there is a whole lot of racism concentrated among white Republicans. There is an unstated assumption that anyone with darker skin cannot possibly be an intelligent, honest, hard working, legal citizen who was actually born here. Republicans, please learn that most of the world is not white, and the Great White American Male will soon be a minority. You’d better learn to appreciate the others while it’s still easy to do. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a bit of respect for women, either.

No more phony issues like “voter fraud”. Just because you declared that there was huge voter fraud didn’t make it so, and nobody was fooled. You trotted out a bunch of numbers, none of which actually checked out when investigated. There has never been significant voter fraud in the US, and it is your moral duty to encourage all eligible people to vote. Meantime, congratulations, you convinced many millions that you are a malevolent force trying to do them harm.

When the next economic downturn comes—and it will—austerity won’t work then either. It never has, which is shown by many studies. Take a lesson from Europe, which has all but destroyed many lives in several countries by insisting their governments pay back loans and cut the budget while in the throes of recession, leading directly to 50% unemployment and a lot of unrest among some. Save cost trimming for when the country can afford it.

No more phony issues like “voter fraud”.

Get honest with yourselves about the purchase of laws and regulations by corporate billionaires. The Koch boys’ purchase of legislation custom made by ALEC for their benefit should be a lesson to you, as should the multi-millions spent daily on lobbying by the financial industry and others. By definition, these groups do not represent the interests of the people of the United States, and therefore are a force against democracy.

That will do for starters.


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