How to Secede by Really Trying

The world consists of producers and moochers, as we have well learned from Republican politicians. The producers are owners of businesses. The moochers are those who take more than they give. That is, the people, the corporations, and the states whose income is greater than their output.

The world consists of producers and moochers.
The moochers are people, corporations, 
and states
whose income is greater than their output.

The Republican dog whistle tells us that African-American people are naturally lazy unemployed moochers. However, people are not moochers because they are unemployed. They are unemployed because they can’t find a job. The working poor do not receive welfare payments because they are moochers. They receive welfare payments because they are paid poverty wages. And that group of people consists of every type of American.

But there are moochers. Take, for example, the red states. Every red state consumes more in federal government money than it contributes. Each makes bold statements about their independence and claims they don’t want federal money, but they take more from the federal government than they contribute, which makes them moochers.

And there are the corporations. Of the biggest corporations, a large percentage of them pay zero or very little in taxes. So they utilize all of the infrastructure, goods, and services that the taxpayers provide, but they don’t pay for them. They fulfill the definition of moocher. Freeloaders is another accurate term.

The moochers are red states and corporations.

After the recent election, petitions for secession from the United States were submitted in all 50 states by ardent Republicans who are certain that President Obama will usher in a Muslim government with Sharia law that will take away our many guns and hold us all in a Communist prison camp.

I submit that it would be in the best interests of the United States and its citizens to allow these people to secede from the Union, because then the people of the United States could arrange matters unobstructed so that everyone could live a decent life.

I suggest that each state establish an economically viable zone proportional to the numbers of citizens who seek secession, and that all 50 of them become independent nations within these new territories. Kind of like the Indian reservations, except each is an independent nation.

It would be in the best interests of the US
to allow these people to secede.
Each new nation will pay to use any of
the resources or infrastructure of the US.

All 50 of these newly independent nations will have to establish their own currency and their own government, constitution, and all appropriate laws, regulations, and procedures. International travelers to the United States will cross the border with proper passport identification and visa as required. If any business within one of these new nations has international branches within the US, they will pay appropriate international fees and taxes to the American government. Neither will they be allowed to utilize any of the American infrastructure, communications, public services, military protection, policing services, fire protection, and so on, without payment of appropriate fees. All resources such as water, fuel, and building materials crossing the international border into these nations will be assessed appropriate fees and taxes. Any person or business wanting to make a phone call outside their own border will pay an international fee. Travelers by car will pay fees and tolls. Anyone who wants an internet connection will pay an access fee. A corporation wishing to send products by truck will have to pay a proportional toll to drive on American roads. Air travelers through American territory will pay an appropriate international fee. In this way those who use these things will pay for them, and not freeload on the American public.

We Americans must do everything we can to discourage moochers.


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