Republicans vs. Science

There is a problem with trying to run the world on faith, any kind of faith.

The world doesn’t work that way.

No matter how fervently you believe, only those things that are scientifically possible actually come to pass. No matter how much you reject scientific findings, things actually and always behave the way science says they do, for reasons that science can explain and faith of any type cannot.

No matter how fervently you believe,
the real world only works
when what you believe is true.

Anyone who wants to disprove any aspect of science at all is not only welcome to do so, but is greatly encouraged to try, because disproving something will advance our scientific knowledge. But disproving it by citing something that was written thousands of years ago, when our knowledge of our world and its ways was limited and primitive, proves nothing. The only way to disprove science is to use today’s science to do it.

Republicans have gotten themselves into serious trouble by denying science, and if comments by potential candidate Marco Rubio are any indication, their inability to grasp how the real world actually works will be on display again in 2016. Or is Rubio’s claim just an attempt to grab the vote of those who don’t know any better? Rubio forced himself to say he didn’t know how old the earth is because he’s not a scientist, man.

Republicans have gotten themselves into
serious trouble by denying science.

Nor am I. The earth is 4.54 billion years old. The universe is 13.75 billion years old. We have clear evidence for those dates, and two or three thousand years ago writers had little real evidence to base their guesses on. A thousand years seemed like a long, long time then. We have far better data now. It doesn’t matter what was written in the Bible.

Thank goodness we have reached the point that it is no longer possible to deny the plain in-your-face fact of global climate change. Unfortunately, we denied the science for so long that now it’s far too late to do anything about it. But science can still help us deal with it, and denial cannot.

Failure to understand science
makes one an intellectual cripple.

Christian fundamentalists reject the creation stories of all other religions but their own, just as all religions do with other religions’ creation stories. But they can reject evolution and science in general only at the risk of marking themselves as unable to reason in the real world. To do so is the equivalent of belief in magic or alchemy, things we should have outgrown in the Middle Ages. We understand evolution through science. Science is used in very practical ways every day, and cannot be denied by anyone who expects to be taken seriously. A religion that denies science is little more than a cult centered around antique beliefs, comparable to, say, witches flying around on brooms. No person who insists on the literal truth of any religious book is able to understand the power of science, why magic religious beliefs are not possible, or how the world actually works. In the real world such people are intellectual cripples.

Unfortunately, the Republican party has purposely crippled itself by asserting the truth of a series of non-truths that science has conclusively disproven. If the party wishes to be taken seriously by the thinking world, it will have to do some soul searching to bring itself into the current century.

But perhaps the real question is whether Republican officials who fail to accept science are intellectually crippled, or are selling out their beliefs to buy the votes of those who actually are intellectually crippled. It’s hard to decide which is less flattering and which is more irresponsible.


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  1. Love your title 😉


  2. Well put,only trouble is the republicans wouldn’t or couldn’t be bothered to read the truth put so easily and simply. Time they put down their bibles and entered the real world.

    Your posts should be compulsory reading for all republicans; after which they should be compelled to attend classes conducted by you to explain it all to them in words of one syllable.

    Keep plugging away; who knows one day you might hit home with them.


    • Very flattering, M’Lord. I’m sure there are some additional conservatives I should be reading too. I do try to get to the essence of things, and maybe I’m successful now and then.


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