Republicans Must Repair Their Attitude

Republicans have adopted a very strange view of life and politics. It is so strange that it makes the rest of us chuckle to ourselves. But not much.

Republicans think that the people at the very apex of evolution are the owners of businesses. (Never mind that so many of them deny evolution.) Moreover, they think that everyone who is not the owner of a business (by which, incidentally, they mean a big business) is properly dismissed as a virtual nonentity. Drones. The worthless.

The people at the very apex of evolution
are the owners of businesses.

This is not a benign idiosyncrasy. People who run big businesses are in a position to manipulate the movement of money in ways that enrich themselves and make all others less well off. And they do. Not all are malevolent, of course, but the whole world is still suffering from Wall Street’s amoral money manipulation.

The big banksters of Wall Street are the worst of them. They endlessly work to stack the deck so that the rest of us yield up our pennies to enrich them. It is almost impossible for an individual investor to participate in the stock market without either losing money outright or gaining a diminished return because of a variety of banker-arranged factors, and the balance of what should be theirs goes instead to the banksters in the form of outrageous salaries and disgusting bonuses. The cozy relationships within the industry assure this outcome. There are endless ways they finagle around the laws and regulations, which themselves are the result of millions of dollars spent daily on influencing legislators.

There isn’t any particularly outstanding
feature of these business heroes.

The reason so many of us find the Republican choice for hero worship so odd is that there isn’t any particularly outstanding feature of these heroes. Yeah, they’re smart, but so are lots of people. Scientists, say, or novelists. The only singular thing about the owners of big business is that they accumulate a lot of money for themselves. If elephant trainers somehow were the ones with four homes, two yachts, and above average IQ, would they worship elephant trainers?

No one would care much who they worshipped if the result of their worship helped build democracy and equality. But it does the opposite, something that we can clearly see from the movement of money to the already rich over the past four decades, following the path that Republican conservatives have laid out from the time of St. Reagan. Worse, it’s a self-reinforcing downward spiral, bought with large political donations. Our national inequality stands at an all-time high, and at present shows no signs of lessening.

Meantime, our national inequality
stands at an all-time high.

White Republican males over sixty have had their way for so long that they are unable to even envision others as perfectly capable of managing their own lives. A look at any photo of a Republican committee shows nearly exclusively white males over sixty.

So there are some serious attitude changes in order, lessons to be learned. Women are not an inferior species whose opinions can be ignored. Profit is not the primary goal of all life. People of color are not stupid, lazy, or unwilling to work. Democrats are not the devil, or communists. (Some of these benighted business owners won’t even let Democrats in their stores!) The government does, in fact, have a large responsibility for maintaining the democratic distribution of goods and money, because the so-called Free Market does the opposite. People want what’s theirs, a fair game.

White Republican males over sixty
have had their way for so long
that they are unable to even envision
others as perfectly capable.

Republicans were shocked to find that the majority of the country disagrees with their antique vision of things. Let us hope they were shocked enough to develop a better attitude toward others, more in line with the Christian virtues they profess to the last person.


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  1. This is so very true, from the distance that I am what you say is what we can see. I’ve expressed similar thoughts in forums comprising US citizens and I am shouted down and abused; treated as an idiot who doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

    Yet it is obvious I have more idea and interest as to what is going on in the US than all these so called US patriots put together. I have often contemplated writing blogs along similar lines to yours (just about every day) but I ask myself what’s the point; they won’t listen to reason from one of their own so they’re not likely to give my views a second glance.

    I like your St Reagan, the most overrated president in America’s short history. And they name airports, hospitals buildings after him. I always looked on him as a front man for the cunning smart ones who could never make the White House. A second rate actor who could put it over if he read his lines correctly and appear sincere. The shadows behind him sure suckered the people in, in my opinion.

    I recall the PM of Australia at the time, Bob Hawke, met with the President in the Oval Office and described the meeting in an interview on the radio; he said he was surprised that the president seemed to ask his questions and give his replies and refer to a set of cue cards which he held during the entire meeting.

    Bob Hawke was a Rhodes Scholar and as you can imagine was quite bright and on the ball, He was on the opposite side of the political spectrum to Reagan, the politician I think you would love to have. A real peoples man who mixed equally and comfortably with the rich and poor alike.

    Forgive my long comment; perhaps I should have done this as a blog instead. ;o


    • Glad to have your comments, Brian, long or short. There are, in fact, lots of Americans on the liberal side, and as mystified as I am about the strange and irrational Republican mindset. But we did manage to re-elect Obama, who has spent too much time trying to reason with the unreasonable, but at least is walking on the same side of the street. We re-elected him in spite of the (very probable) attempt by Karl Rove to kidnap the Ohio election, a repeat of an earlier criminal operation, but which was blocked by the Anonymous hackers, bless ’em. Republicans cannot even entertain the thought that St. Reagan was a certified criminal, not to mention certifiably demented during his entire second term.


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