Who Should Be Required to Carry a Gun

  1. Teachers
  2. Education administrators
  3. Bus drivers
  4. Taxi drivers
  5. Lawyers
  6. Judges
  7. Federal and state legislators
  8. Restaurant managers
  9. Supermarket managers
  10. Mom and pop store managers
  11. Gas station employees
  12. Liquor store employees
  13. Bank tellers and managers
  14. Museum guards
  15. Department store security
  16. Manufacturing executives
  17. Manufacturing foremen
  18. Business owners
  19. Union leaders
  20. Mental health practitioners
  21. Bartenders
  22. Long-distance truckers
  23. Commercial pilots
  24. Human resource managers
  25. Jewelers
  26. Postal workers
  27. Gaming managers
  28. Cashiers in 24-hour stores

It is clear that the country would be a far safer place if all such persons as above were required to carry a loaded weapon.

Isn’t it.


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  1. You forgot the Lollipop men/women at a school crossing, now that’s a must,


  2. I know: There should be a hidden sniper in every class room, gas station, on top of every roof etc.


    • Yes, we’ve barely begun to improve our safety.


      • Something I don’t understand as an outsider is that people have been so ready to trade in freedom (actual freedom) for safety in many aspects after 911 (*cough* Patriot Act *cough*), but when it comes to military-grade weapons…that’s a NG. Boggles the mind.


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