Rah, Rah! We’re Number One!

Yes, we are. In inequality. The chart below (from IILS calculations based on World Bank figures) shows that not only is our level of inequality higher than all EU nations, the US is quite literally off the chart.

We are Number One. In inequality.

Our inequality, as measured by the GINI index, is double that of Norway. Plus, ours is going up, Norway’s and eight other nation’s is going down. So. Do we have government of the people, by the people, for the people any more? GINI 2011 Good question. It’s not so certain. And what do you suppose is the cause of this continuing descent from the democratic promise enshrined in our founding documents? This morphing from a democracy based on equality to an extractive economy that is an echo of feudal England five centuries ago? Could it be, perhaps, that the skyrocketing wealth of the 1%, and particularly the 0.1%, and even the 0.01%, is “somehow” extracting wealth from the rest of us?

What is the cause of this descent from our great democratic promise?

Over the past four decades, beginning with Saint Reagan, vast amounts of our national wealth have been transferred to the most wealthy, under the belief that—against all reason—this impoverishment of the rest of us would somehow magically result in widespread financial improvement. Alas, it works just like common sense tells us it does. Taking wealth from the people and making a gift of it to the “natural leaders” (who are the natural leaders because they are rich, and rich because they are the natural leaders, according to conservatives) results in making those same rich people much more rich, and the rest of us less rich. Who knew?

Making a gift of our national wealth to the mega-rich, that’s what.

Could that be what’s causing our off-the-charts rampant inequality and degradation of the quality of life for so many millions of Americans? Damn right it is, and economic studies prove what we already know, that the rich are stealing our wealth, aided and abetted by the Republican Party. We all pay for the disgusting CEO pay that has become prevalent, which is only one way our national wealth is being given to a very small number of mega-rich people.


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  1. It was equality of the few back then as well, but the packaging doesn’t quite fit the content these days. Timely post, thank you.


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