When Anglos Are a Minority

Many pale people will view that inevitable moment when white people are no longer a majority as the worst thing that could happen. The decline and fall of white supremacy. Armageddon. I see it as an event that can only be good for us all.

Wow, won’t that be an event! Over 400 years of domination by whites, who will finally be compelled to expect the same treatment as everyone else. They (we, I) had better hope that treatment is an improvement over what came before, but I expect it will be.

A quick review of Caucasian dominance: near genocide of American Indians; millions of Africans enslaved; national laws targeting Chinese; prison camps for Japanese-Americans. Violent repression of successive waves of immigrants, from Italians and Irish to Latinos. And much, much more, most notably, individual mistreatment of non-white individuals, everything from social slights to murder.

Distrust of people outside our own tribe 
probably had survival value.

And what are those realities whites will face? They will be forced to realize that every cultural group that cannot trace its skin to Northern Europe experiences racism from whites, and they won’t have to tolerate it any more. Any person of color, from the President to the rest of us, can vouch for being negatively judged because his skin color is not the same as the Anglos’.

But even those whose skin is darker cannot be excused, because they also judge people for differences that are superficial. Personally, I am about as pale as humans get, yet there have been times I have felt that judgment, that door closed to me. But my experiences are minor irritations compared to what most people of color experience in the democratic US of A.

Four hundred years of domination by whites will end. 

Nor can African-Americans claim to be the only group discriminated against, although they surely face the most persistent prejudice. There was the Chinese Exclusion Act. Historically, Asians have faced not only individual discrimination, but legal discrimination that prevented men from finding suitable wives because only laborers were allowed in, and were expected to leave. We locked up the entire Japanese-American population in fenced camps for the duration of WWII, for bogus reasons, during which most of them lost everything they owned. Very few Asian-Americans of any background have not been hatefully called “chink” at least once. Brown people from the south of us are finding it’s their turn now. There are everything from individual attacks to ugly state laws designed to be cruel to them.

Much of how we behave is influenced by our evolutionary experience. The human species is young, only about 200,000 years old, and we all lived much of that time in relatively small groups of people who looked very much like ourselves. Distrust of people outside our own family and tribe—whether or not they looked like us—probably had survival value. Not all tribes were murderous, of course, but a tribe that was entirely trusting risked being wiped out completely by one that was bellicose and violent. So you can call completely trusting tribes of the distant past several things, but probably you can’t call them ancestors.

Anglos are already a minority among children. 

And just when will this interesting demographic event occur? Well, depending on the way you look at it, it has probably already happened. Whites are a minority among newborns in the US, and within five years will be a minority of all citizens under 18. Eleven percent of counties are already “majority-minority”, where non-whites outnumber whites. This is also true of 13 states for the under-five age group.

Anglos will be a minority, but will remain the largest group for some decades. But eventually whites will become just another cultural group. The process is inexorable in the US, due to the aging of white baby boomers, who will gradually die off. The same process of blending will happen around the world. A century from now we will all look much more like each other than we do now.

I think it will be an improvement.


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