Perfecting the American Dystopia

Our all-American dystopia results from a series of self-inflicted wounds. Certain politicians have ambitious plans for even more painful self-inflicted wounds.

Prop 13 is a good place to start talking about self-inflicted dystopia. Before 1978 older Californians had a problem. People on a fixed income were being forced out of their homes because of rapidly increasing property taxes. The obvious solution would be for the state legislature to shape and pass a suitable bill to fix that. The legislature being dysfunctional and rarely able to do anything right (like the House of Representatives these days), taxpayers instead used the maladaptive citizens initiative process to add yet another bad amendment to the grossly overgrown state constitution. It fixed the problem, all right, but cemented in place a whole series of inevitable bad consequences.

Our all-American dystopia results
from a series of self-inflicted wounds.

The primary result: California’s schools fell from the best in the nation to a point where only three of the usual malfunctioning Deep South states were worse. Plus Michigan, where bankrupt Detroit has been collapsing for decades.

In fact, Republicans, particularly Tea Party Republicans, are intent on achieving the destruction of most of the government agencies and laws that make us a great country. Their reasoning defies analysis. One of those structures, not by any means the only one, is the Environmental Protection Agency.

You can find a picture and story about air quality in China and other places every week in every major news source. Here’s a picture I took in China in 2006. It’s worse now. Several Chinese cities are so polluted they are generating costly health crises, particularly among children. The EPA protects us from that. Yet these Tea Party clowns want to do away with the EPA and entrust the air we breathe and the water we drink to our enlightened corporations.


One of my recent blog entries summarized ways to save many billions of dollars and improve US quality of life with common-sense steps to improve child nutrition and lessen brain damage and child abuse, thereby diminishing crime and its enormous cost. But these things will never happen with Republicans holding the purse strings, because such investments in our future require actual investments in our future. The Republican religion says that all government spending is evil, something a quick glance at this blog entry proves is tragically wrong. Their “money-saving” myopic plans put dystopia on the fast track.

Our health care is already dystopian.
Obamacare will improve it radically, which is why
the House has voted to defund it 40 times.

Republican goals will guarantee worsening health care for the US, which already ranks at the bottom of the barrel. It’s not necessary to bring dystopia to our health care because we’re already there. We have double the cost, poor infant mortality statistics, lower lifespan, many millions of uninsured, and much more. Many Americans needing expensive surgeries elect to do it overseas, where the cost is 75% less and even includes airfare and a vacation. Obamacare will dramatically improve health care in non-Republican territory, so naturally the House has voted to defund it 40 times, which is rather like purposely shooting oneself in the crucial appendage.

Then there are the plans to create ever greater inventories of unarmed corpses of color. This is happening because of increasing racial prejudice (correlated with low IQ and poor education), 300,000,000 guns under minimal control (What could go wrong?), ugly state laws that make people of color fair game without danger of prosecution, and out-of-control police. Every 40 hours there’s a death of an unarmed person of color who posed no threat to anyone.

Climate change is upon us,
yet any step to address it is confounded
by Republicans who don’t “believe in” it.

The worsening danger of global climate change hits us in the face virtually every day, yet neither we as a nation nor the global family of nations shows any signs of addressing it in a meaningful way. In the US, the world’s leading polluter, any step to address it is confounded by Republican capitalists who want to wish away the certain fact that their free party is over, and now the piper must be paid. So they refuse to “believe in” climate change, regardless of the tidal wave washing over them. Climate change will not mean simply dystopia; in time it will mean unrelieved catastrophe, in the fullest sense of the word: to overturn. I wonder how many politicians won’t “believe” it then.


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