Can Reality Become a Basis for Real Life Among Republicans?

The list of impossible assertions from the right is long and depressing. It includes everything from failure to understand the Constitution to false beliefs about our government to impossible beliefs about the basic functioning of the universe.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), a longtime member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, told constituents at a town hall meeting that “global warming is a total fraud”, employed by liberals to “create global government”. This man’s understanding of politics is absurd, and his knowledge of science is permanently arrested at early grade school level, yet Republicans have placed him in an important position that requires a high level of understanding, a position where he has influence over how we address crucial national issues of science, space, and technology.

The Republican Party falls
deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole
where reality is a matter of opinion.

Republican state legislators are making great progress at preventing Democrats from voting, and nobody is fooled. Some 15 states have repressive laws that will especially effect low-income voters, who are more likely to vote Democratic. All of these laws are in Republican-controlled states, none in states controlled by Democrats. The excuse given for these laws in every case is to stop “voter fraud”, which simply does not exist. This Republican behavior is, in fact, fraud against voters. In one widely publicized Republican anti-fraud effort the only fraud found in thousands of investigations was a Republican on that very committee who had voted at both of his residences. Several Republicans have accidentally let the “secret” out, that the laws are designed to favor Republicans in elections, which for years has been clear to anyone who thinks about the matter.

Tax cuts do not increase revenues. It’s the opposite. The rich do not transform their tax gifts into jobs. There is no trickle-down effect. Making the rich richer makes everyone else poorer, which diminishes tax revenues. This is painfully evident today, with unprecedented wealth concentrated in a very small number of the mega-rich, falling wealth for everyone else, and continuing high unemployment.

The rich do not transform their tax gifts into jobs.

Removing all regulation of business would not bring about a golden age. The complete opposite is true. We have irrefutable evidence that removing such regulation from business is what nearly destroyed the global economy in 2008, and it’s very clear that our air doesn’t look like the air in Beijing solely because of the strong regulatory protections of our Environmental Protection Agency. All capitalist enterprises function with the sole goal of generating profit. Corporations have no interest in anything else.

We do not have a runaway deficit. The deficit is on a sharp downward trend under President Obama, as it was under President Clinton. It rose sharply under all recent Republican presidents. Republicans get this exactly backward, and repeat this falsehood again and again, as they have for decades, like a mantra of meaningless syllables. Reality has nothing to do with it.

We do not have a runaway deficit.

Creationism is not science, and cannot with any integrity be taught under the science curriculum in schools anywhere, at any level. To do so would deny centuries of progress in understanding the way the universe actually works. Science functions under natural rules that can be discovered, and their precision improved. But scientific findings cannot be refuted except by rigorous science. “Belief” has nothing to do with it. Creationism is a story of creation from the Bible, one of many such creation stories. Creation stories have symbolic meaning to a culture, but they do not describe reality.

Evolution is a scientific theory. Republicans, like everyone else, are free to try to disprove it, or any part of it. But simply saying one does not “believe” in evolution is meaningless, because to deny evolution, one must prove its falsehood, show where it is wrong. A number of distinguished scientists have done exactly that, demonstrating that evolution does not function exactly as we had thought. But they didn’t disprove the theory; they strengthened it. Evolution still stands as the best explanation of how species change, which is unlikely to be refuted ever. Science, the self-correcting method of understanding how the universe actually works, is vastly superior to any other way of understanding. To fail to accept science is to fail to accept everything we know to be true. It’s akin to believing in a flat Earth, flying witches, and turning lead into gold.

Creationism is not science.

Neither President Obama nor anyone else in power has the slightest intention to establish a worldwide political system, let alone an empire. Nor does the United Nations, an organization of the world’s nations where disagreement is the most common feature. The UN was designed to address the problems and conditions we all face. Some sort of world politic has never been considered because it’s not even remotely practical.

All the dozens of stupid beliefs about President Obama’s background and his goals are just that: stupid beliefs. They are believed by people too easily swayed by false authority, too ready to accept anything they are told with assertion. They are gullible people with weak critical powers, no matter what social position they have.

To deny evolution, one must prove its falsehood.
“Belief” has nothing to do with it.

It’s a discouraging situation. The Republican Party falls deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole where reality is a matter of opinion. To ask a modern nation of 315-million people to “believe” in their world of fantasy is to lead us all backwards in time to the Dark Ages, a dreadful era blighted by dark superstition, gross ignorance, and gullibility.

Ask yourself how things would be after a few generations of life under a Republican government that officially denies the truth of science and rational thought. A new dark age following an era of enlightenment is actually possible; it has happened before. This is the direction Republicans steer toward.


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