The Food Rev, Bite Sized

Never buy food from people who get an annual bonus.

Nutrition is inversely proportional to packaging. The packaging of real food is peel, rind, shell, and dirt, and it is handed to you by a farmer.

Nutrition is inversely proportional to the time since harvest. It often takes too long to package and ship food from two states away, let alone from deep in South America.

Never buy food from people
who get an annual bonus.

Shipping food makes greenhouse gas. Shipping it long distance makes more greenhouse gas.

Dirt is not dirt cheap. If you don’t think so, try making enough good dirt for a garden from scratch.

The best way to grow food is to imitate nature. Nature’s monocrops are trees and bushes. Nature’s annuals are not laid out in acres, with every plant the same.

Most common supermarket produce consists of inferior varieties developed for their shipping and durability qualities, with nutrition a distant afterthought.

Many plants are symbiotic. Planting them together improves both. Legumes give nitrogen to the soil, which is used by accompanying plants. Certain herbs and flowers chase away pest insects.

The best way to grow food
is to imitate nature.

Minor insect damage is far preferable to drenching food with poisonous chemicals. If you must spray, spray pests, not healthy plants.

Most of our agricultural product is not food. The biggest crops are corn and soy, which are grown entirely as feed for cattle and pigs.

Cattle consume seven times as much protein as they yield, and water by the ton. We’d be better off eating plant protein and cutting out the middle cow.

There’s actually enough food for everyone. The reasons some starve to death and others die of obesity are political.

Every step taken by Big Food reduces nutrition, because nutrition is not what they sell. Their product is profit.

The invention of new foods and packaging is inversely related to nutritional value.

Cheap bad food is far more expensive than costly good food. You should eat it only if you want to encourage chronic disease, obesity, and lassitude.

Cheap bad food is more expensive
than costly good food.

Fast food is not food at all. It tastes good because lab chemists (“food scientists”, heh-heh) devote millions to make it taste like you should eat it. Actually, nobody should eat that crap.

A recent analysis of “chicken nuggets” showed that less than half was chicken. The rest was stuff you don’t want to know about.

Nobody needs to drink soft drinks, either, or water from pollution-prone plastic bottles.

Eating French fried potatoes and white hamburger rolls is not much better than eating cardboard.

Ice cream cones and homemade pizza have the best packaging, because you eat it.

Most food is more nutritious when cooked. But properly.

Ol’ Ben was right. All things in moderation. If you eat too many carrots you’ll turn yellow, literally. Too much beef often leads to heart disease. The term “beer belly” is self explanatory. You can get mercury poisoning by eating too much ocean fish.


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