Slackers Amongst Us

Day after day, Republicans shock me with their publicly expressed hatred of people they don’t even know. Republican restaurant and store owners refuse to serve (fill in your favorite) gays, liberals, Yankees, immigrants, African-Americans, Muslims…or all of the above. Media talking heads and loudmouths daily come up with reasons to hate based on nothing that makes sense, and is insulting to thinking people. Republican politicians regularly make shockingly stupid statements blaming the poor for being poor, or blaming homosexuals for causing a flood, or immigrants for the national debt.

There are almost daily calls from the rabid right for assassination of the president, or for rounding up one group of people or another and imprisoning or deporting them. Michelle Bachman, an endless source of stupidities and hatreds, says that “immigrants don’t like the GOP because we love the Constitution”, an argument so vapid I won’t bother demolishing it. A state GOP official said she believed the party should be “purged” of gays—like today’s Nigeria or Nazi Germany, one can only suppose. It goes on and on.

There are almost daily calls
from the rabid right for
assassination of the president.

They simply can’t believe that their hateful prejudices are built upon a series of falsehoods, let alone that they violate the most fundamental tenets of the Christian religion they all profess to follow, not to mention the Constitution they don’t appear to have actually read. They can’t believe that almost all people are honest people who value love and family, and work hard to assure a good life for themselves and their children, no matter what their skin color is.

They don’t appear to understand that the punitive policies they support—cutting crucial support for the poorest, eliminating early childhood programs, prohibiting undocumented immigrant children from becoming educated, preventing medical care for lower-income workers, punishing LGBT people for being who they are, making voter registration and voting difficult, on and on—hurt real people in real ways. That it’s more than a minor inconvenience. That when they prevent people from having access to medical care some of them die because of it. Nor do they understand that in the long run they are hurting themselves.

Why would anyone want
to be part of something
built on a foundation of hate?

To get their “revenge” on imagined “slackers”, they foment hatreds, weaken the country, prolong poverty, and subvert democracy. Why would anyone want to be part of something like that?

It would probably come as a great shock to most Republicans that most people don’t give a damn about “business”. Moreover, most people’s life goals do not include getting insanely rich on corporate profit. Most of the people Republicans hate just want to live their lives unmolested by people who hate them.

Perhaps there should be a formal program to reach out to hateful Republicans, where everyday working Americans can invite haters into their homes to see in person what they are so exercised about. Like the various successful plans that join Palestinian and Israeli, and other members of warring factions. It’s much harder to hate someone who has cooked dinner for you, and you have met the family. Invite a rich Republican over for homemade pizza and a beer, or a more formal dinner of your best ethnic food.

Perhaps there should be
a formal program to reach out
to hateful Republicans.

The statements made by these people are characterized by inaccuracies, intolerance, and total lack of understanding. They believe all people not like themselves should be punished in as many ways as possible. They indicate that they believe all people who are not rich are that way because of weak character. They simply can’t understand that most people purposely choose not to be like them, that there are more important things in life than accumulating money. Things like family, integrity, honesty, education, culture.

Rich Republicans appear to believe everyone not rich is a dissolute ne’er-do-well whose ambition is to avoid doing anything at all. They just can’t believe that African-Americans and Latinos, their presently most favored groups to hate, have their own ambitions, don’t sell or do drugs, and are not interested in living on government handouts.

They just can’t believe that
African-Americans and Latinos
don’t sell or do drugs, and
don’t want government handouts.

Rand Paul wonders how Republicans can make themselves attractive to ethnic voters. It’s fairly straightforward. Quit hating people for what they are. Learn that there is something to life besides “business”. Drop all your preconceived beliefs about all the groups of people you consider lessers. Quit trying to punish people who don’t look like you. Quit punishing the poor for being poor. Quit calling half the country “slackers”.

Frankly, I doubt they can do it. Hatreds and false beliefs about whole categories of “others” are part and parcel of the Republican outlook. They really haven’t a clue.

The Republican Party is not just the Party of Stupid. Even more so, it’s the Party of Hate.


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  1. I “get” rich Rethuglicans protecting their ill gotten gains. I don’t like it, but I can understand the venality and bullshit ‘logic’. What I don’t get is freaking POOR Republicans who KEEP buying the trickle down bullshit while being pissed upon from above.

    And I’ve long said the ones screaming about being such upright Christians while maintaining such hateful attitudes are not Christians (Paulists at best) and the “God” they worship is a horrible hate-filled egregore (a thought form creation maintained by belief and energy spewed upon it) of their own making — not a deity of any sort whatsoever.


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