Suppose All Those Nasty Gay People Just Vanished

My, my. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world? Suddenly there would be no unnatural perverts to upset us by kissing and holding hands. We wouldn’t have to worry about The Gay Agenda. Nobody would be abusing our children or recruiting them into The Gay Lifestyle, or causing future generations to inherit the Gay Gene. There would be no weirdos wanting to marry each other, and recruiting our children to do the same. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

That would last twenty years, because homosexuals are the children of heterosexuals. And of course every one of the above all-too-common beliefs is simply false. Large numbers of people have no clue about the facts of homosexuality.

The approximately five percent of the children of heterosexuals who are born to be homosexual would become adults in twenty years, and the world would soon be as it was before. In other words, homosexuality is here to stay, so it would be kind of nice if we all just learned the facts and accepted them.

Homosexuals are the children of heterosexuals.

It is altogether surprising that so many people completely fail to understand that this variety of human experience is quite ordinary. There are some 1.4 billion people in China, which means that there are 70 million gay Chinese. Yet I have heard with mine own ears a native Chinese say that China doesn’t have “that problem”. There are other whole nations and individuals in similar denial.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian czar, remains completely ignorant and intolerant. Is his machismo threatened? Nations, tribes, peoples, have steadfastly failed to understand that homosexuality is one of a number of natural variations of human life that has been with us from the beginning of our species and probably before. Currently, Nigeria has attracted attention because of its new inhumane law criminalizing homosexuality, a law that will certainly lead to a number of murders or outright slaughter, especially after national publication of a list of 200 “well known gays”. But there are endless other cases, both national and individual. Brokeback Mountain is fiction, but Matthew Shepard was not, and he was only one of a long string of people, mostly male, murdered by violent and frustrated heterosexual men suffering from all-American hyper-machismo and intolerance.

There are 70 million gay Chinese.

It is most unfortunate that the ancient religious books condemn homosexuality in such an ugly fashion, every one of them calling for the gruesome murder of homosexuals because of who they are. The only redeeming thing is that these intolerant books also call for the murder of a number of other rather ordinary people their authors decided were undeserving. In fact, these writings are so horrid and repugnant that each of us would personally know someone who had suffered the fate prescribed for them, usually stoning, had we lived then. Or we ourselves would have died.

It’s clear, therefore, that ancient religious books cannot be cited to support homophobia. Their prescriptions were recorded during a time of rampant brutality that does not belong in the modern world. Civilization means nothing if we can’t insist that humane rules be observed. Humane rules include accepting the fact that homosexuality is a natural and basically immortal part of the human experience.

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  1. If there were no LGBT, the conservative Evangelicals would need to find someone else to hate.


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