Which GOP Governors Should Be Charged With Murder?

It’s probably too late for most of them to save themselves before the law pounces. All they would have had to do would be to simply accept the fact that the Affordable Care Act is useful legislation that will protect the citizens they swore to serve. Instead they refused to accept billions of federal dollars to make a senseless political point, to oppose all things Obama—after which they killed a few citizens. No doubt this has happened in every red state that refused the ACA.

The only question is whether it’s Murder One, Murder Two, or Manslaughter. I say it’s Murder One, premeditated murder, because it was perfectly clear that the act of rejecting the Affordable Care Act would cause the death of citizens they were sworn to protect. They planned it that way.

Suppose you had a friend with a car problem you realized could cause an explosion. Do you tell her what you know. Of course you do. You have a moral responsibility to look out for her.

It was perfectly clear
that rejecting the ACA
would cause deaths.

Not unlike the moral responsibility a governor accepts when he is sworn in. This moral responsibility includes making it possible for the state’s citizens to participate in federal programs that will be to their benefit. Or in the case of health care, that will without doubt save lives.

But that didn’t happen in red states, and citizens in those places are dying because they have a serious medical condition they can’t afford to get treated, and they can’t get insurance because it’s a pre-existing condition (life?), and they don’t have Obamacare because the governor and other state Republicans decided they should be denied it, for no reason other than spite.

Denying life-saving help for the sake of spite is murder. Do you refrain from throwing the life ring in your hand to a drowning person because you don’t like his politics? Not if you have an ounce of moral fiber, maybe yes if you are a Republican.

The total absence
of Republican rationality
is mind boggling.

All this would be a non-problem if the governor had simply accepted the fact that the Affordable Care Act (not to mention true national insurance) is a much needed plan that is a resounding success that will save many lives and bring health care to millions who don’t have it. Twelve million Americans will be covered by the ACA this year, giving many of them health care insurance for the first time in their lives. No doubt, more than a few lives have already been saved because of it.

Meantime, as the numbers continued to roll in, and the popularity and resounding success of the act daily became more evident, Senate Republicans voted unanimously to deny women equal pay for equal work, and minority leader Mitch McConnell claimed the bill was nothing more than a Democratic attempt to distract attention from “the Obamacare nightmare”, and the Republican House voted for the 54th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The total absence of Republican rationality has become mind boggling in itself. Their cruel abdication of moral responsibility for the wellbeing of their constituents is appalling.


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