Why Republicans Can’t “Reach Out” To Anybody

Every week or two there is a Republican effort to “reach out” to one or another “minority” group, in hopes that more of them will vote for Republicans. So, after treating virtually every non-Anglo person in the country as an inferior not really deserving of equality, or even personhood, now they want to invite them with their dirty boots into the front parlor.

Rand Paul says the GOP must be more inclusive. Sure, but in order to do that there will have to be a complete reversal of fundamental Republican beliefs, and the cessation of campaigns specifically designed to punish the people they’re now trying to woo.

It’s hard to convince Hispanics to vote GOP when radical Republican conservatives are rounding up law abiding, hard working domestic and field workers in desert prison camps or windowless city buildings for months, separating them from their families and imposing desperate poverty on them. When armed vigilantes are capturing immigrants desperate for work, and sometimes shooting at them, even killing them, and hunting down caches of lifesaving water placed in the desert by humanistic groups in order to empty them into the hot, dry earth. When Republican states pass laws that clearly discriminate against Hispanics, whether they are citizens or not. When they prevent them from getting the license they need to drive to work, then set up roadblocks at the start and end of workdays to issue tickets costing more than their impounded vehicles are worth.

If Republicans are to become inclusive
there must be a complete reversal
of their primary beliefs,
and cessation of their many
campaigns to punish others.

The essential problem with Republicans is that they don’t believe that anyone who is not just like they are could possibly be an honest, hardworking person who pays taxes, loves her children, and believes in law and order. They can barely stand to acknowledge that such people are real humans. Some, in fact, don’t, such as the wingnut who recently referred to the Obama girls as “monkey children”.

Conservative Republicans dislike, or even hate, Spanish-speaking people. They forget that it was the US that came to Spanish-speaking territories, not the other way around, and it is the Anglos who are the immigrants. It is Spanish that has been the dominant language there for four centuries, not English. It is the Hispanics who have suffered under centuries of white oppression, yet have maintained their virtues of honesty, respect for family, hard work, and Christian values. Then there’s the minor fact that very soon Hispanics will be the largest cultural group in the country, and white Anglos a minority.

There is scarcely a Republican who doesn’t claim that people become homosexual by choice, although not a single Republican—or anyone else—has ever made that choice himself. They can’t believe that being gay is not a “lifestyle choice”, that someone is homosexual because that is who they are, not what they decided to be. Likewise, they consistently conflate pedophilia and homosexuality, and are unable to understand that gay people do not and cannot “recruit” children to become gay. In the meantime, nearly every Republican feels it is incumbent on him to make life as difficult as possible for the 15 or 16 million homosexuals in the US, and to attempt to force them to “give up” their “gay lifestyle”. They do this by trying to deny gay people as many common rights and courtesies as they can.

It’s hard to convince African-Americans who have heard the dog-whistle racism expressed almost daily by prominent GOP politicians that they should vote Republican. And frequently it’s just plain racism, no dog whistle even attempted, like the repulsive words of welfare moocher, millionaire rancher Cliven Bundy.

The Republican party is
profoundly racist and sexist.

It’s hard to convince an African-American who has been regularly brutalized and hauled in by the police for standing on the sidewalk in front of his home that he is now to be treated just like a human. Matt Taibbi’s The Divide tells of city blacks who are arrested repeatedly and hauled into police headquarters for obviously bogus reasons, often not even recognizable crimes, expected to cop a plea and pay a fine, while not a single one of the viciously criminal Wall Street Banksters who have violated multiple laws and hurt billions of people has served even one day of prison time.

The Republican party is profoundly racist and sexist. Their most ardent followers are best known for their hate. There is a long history of these attitudes, and recent actions in red states demonstrate without a doubt that no improvement is happening. It’s worse, if anything. Republican anti-democratic legislation takes place on a continuous basis at every level from township to federal, all of it designed to punish people for being poor, non-white, and non-Republican. Republican states have been unrelenting in building roadblocks to prevent nonwhite poor people from voting. They have famously withheld health care insurance through the ACA, thereby causing thousands of deaths from untreated disease, perhaps tens of thousands. If there is some way that people of color might be victimized, Republicans have done it, and are constantly looking for new ways.

Congressional Republicans—rich old white men almost to the last—simply can’t understand why everyone doesn’t see how female-friendly they are. At the same time they were making this claim, 100% of them voted against equal pay for equal work. The past year has seen a ghastly parade of clueless white Republican males demonstrating their appalling ignorance of female anatomy, the gestation and birth process, who is responsible for rape and domestic violence, and the health concerns of women, often equating any suggestion of women’s sex lives with prostitution or nymphomania, and having no understanding at all that women’s lives are none of their damned business. (This from men who are almost routinely exposed as marital cheaters, attendees at strip clubs, and buyers of commercial sex.) At the same time, their deliberations on the fates of others have routinely excluded all participants who are not old white male Republicans.

Republican-controlled states have devoted years
to passing laws that negatively effect everyone
who is not an old white male Republican.

Republican-controlled states have devoted years to passing laws that negatively effect women’s health, some of the most recent making it necessary for a woman to travel several hundred miles to obtain birth control, a PAP smear, mammogram, or other health care. Their favorite scapegoat is Planned Parenthood, on the grounds that it uses federal funds for abortion. (PP devotes only 3% of their funds to abortion, and none of that is government money.)

If the GOP wants to attract new voters whose skin might not be pale, they must quit being racist haters. That’s a tall order.


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  1. You nailed it. I appreciate how you succinctly and evenly you present your conclusions– none of the snarky overtly biased feed that delights me, but leaves me feeling like I ate too much cake icing. It’s reassuring to see a reasonable argument from a regular person like me.


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