The All-America Refugee Crisis

They flee from rough slums across parched wild deserts, thugs with guns threatening them everywhere they go. Aged five to twenty, they have seen friends and relatives killed, and know the gangs will get them one way or another unless they leave. Finally, unless they are captured by criminals along the way, or are cut in half when they fall off the train, they cross the border and ask the first person they see to save them.

Syrians, fleeing al-Assad’s murderous brutality? Nigerians who live in fear of Boko Haram’s heinous raids? No, these are children from Central America who know they are in the cross-hairs of drug criminals. Children. They know if they don’t flee they may die very young. Some of their friends did.

Children from Central America know
they are in the cross-hairs
of drug criminals.

And they are greeted by the Border Patrol, and intolerant fools who view them not as refugees fleeing murder, or at least as the desperate poor, but as criminal invaders who will somehow take money from them and vote for Democrats.

The perennially disastrous situation in the Middle East has created millions of refugees, and countries bordering war zones, all of which are considerably poorer than the US, have stepped up to take in these hordes of displaced people who have nowhere else to go. In some of them, neat looking tent cities of several hundred thousand people have suddenly appeared in the desert, complete with clean water and sanitary facilities. This places great strain on their involuntary hosts simply because of the massive numbers of refugees—in the millions.

Then there’s the US.

We consider ourselves flooded by dangerous criminals when fifty thousand children show up over a period of six months, alone, and afraid for their lives. We are doing our best to send them back. Some of them will no doubt be murdered, but we’ll never get a body count.

We consider ourselves
flooded by dangerous criminals
when fifty thousand children show up.

Never mind that their numbers are insignificant compared to those fleeing from war elsewhere. The “huge numbers” we are having difficulty dealing with comes to 5% of what smaller countries in the Middle East take in.

Hatred of immigrants by Norteño whites bespeaks intolerant small minds, who consider anyone with darker skin to be automatically criminal, a threat to themselves, no matter who they are, or what age. Such people somehow fail to register the fact that we are all immigrants. Never mind that children who brave very dangerous weeks and months traveling by foot and freight train are children, running from criminals who have killed others, and would kill them.

As usual, most of our current refugee problem is self-created. As usual, we fail to understand that much of the reason they become refugees, either because of violence or poverty, is our own politico-corporate policies. These policies are designed only for the benefit of corporate executives, and bring desperate poverty and vanished hope to millions. Is there any wonder that they want to live where they wouldn’t have to worry every day about murder, on top of hunger? They would all prefer to live at home, but we have helped to make that impossible.

Most of our current refugee problem is self-created.

We, along with the many Latin American tyrants we have supported, have created the problems that now contribute to the desperation of immigrant-refugees. We have failed to check our own drug addiction, instead spending billions in a fruitless attempt to stop the flow of them into the US. Our policies enrich our corporations and the prison industry, and at the same time destroy the livelihoods of millions of workers to our south.

We fail to acknowledge that every group of immigrants we’ve had has been an economic blessing for the country. Instead, even governmental agencies see it as their primary duty to intercept children who cross our borders in desperation and send them back to the place they are fleeing from where they may well be murdered if they refuse to become gang members themselves.

Misplaced priorities, anyone?


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  1. I imagine that the compassionate peoples in the middle east to whom you refer are predominantly Muslim/Islam whereas the border patrol and intolerant fools you mention are in all probability church going hell raising bible punching christians who’s aim in life seems to be ridding this world of other religions especially the Muslim/Islam.

    What an unholy pack of hippocrites, and once again I thank god I’m an atheist! 😕


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