BREAKING: White People Are a Small Minority


Catastrophe! All Heaven forfend! We are surely doomed. DOOMED, I tell you! How did this calamity come about?

Well, it didn’t “come about”. White people have always been a small minority. After many centuries in which Europe was the civilized world’s swampy and uncivilized backwater, power and wealth arose with the European Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution, and white people took their turn conquering the world, as other populations had done before them without benefit of the modern age.

With the invasion and conquering of foreign lands which lacked modern weapons and technology, combined with the brutality born of infinite greed, whites came to think of themselves as superior to all. Spanish slaughters of aboriginal Americans ensued. British mistreatment of South Asians. Colonization and exploitation in Africa by the Dutch and practically every other European power, every bit of it driven by the quest for unearned wealth, to be stolen from “inferiors”.

White people have always been a small minority.

In the (eventual) US, the more wealthy whites, specifically white anglo-saxon Protestants, assumed the role of masters of the North, as did slave-owning whites in the South. Whites came to assume that they were naturally superior to all. African slaves were animals, obviously, and therefore whites were given permission by the Bible to rule over them in any way they wanted to. Then of course there was the genocide of aborigines by various means. And each and every wave of immigrants was assumed to be barbaric and not suited for civilization. There were actual serious debates about whether the Irish and Italians, in their turn, could be educated at all. For such purposes, they were considered “black”.

And so we arrive at the present day, in which the most astonishingly ignorant white people, encouraged in their ignorance by political propagandists, are certain that they are the natural superiors of virtually everyone. Among them, rampant intolerance rides high, and skin color is the determining factor. Some are all but illiterate.

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Many of the politicians they elect relentlessly repeat this fable of superiority, playing to less educated intolerant white people who want to hear once more about their own superiority and victimhood: I am naturally superior, and would be better off if it weren’t for all those brown minorities who are freeloading on my tax dollars.

Ignorant white people are certain that they are the natural superiors of virtually everyone.

These people are utterly ignorant of the facts, that the ripoff artists are not the “minorities”, who are not minorities anyway, and who mostly work at minimum wage—and pay taxes. They sense that they are worse off, and want someone to blame. Politicians work hard to tell them who that should be.

Such people have been told so long about inferior minorities that they can’t help but buy the tale. If you told them they themselves were a minority, and that they are being suckered, they simply wouldn’t believe it. Like every other kind of faith, this does not yield to mere facts.

Maybe that’s not such a mystery, because the rich themselves appear to embrace economic beliefs that have repeatedly been proven false, but stagger on, zombielike. No, tax breaks for the rich never trickle down. Any fool can see this from any of the many charts demonstrating the widening gap between the rich and everyone else, starting with Ronald Reagan’s embrace of supply-side economics, which has been discredited a hundred ways.

Screen Shot 2011-10-26 at 7.04.09 PM

White Americans, especially lower income folk, must somehow learn: it is they, not the brown-skinned people from south of the border, who are the minority. They are not at all superior because of the paleness of their skin. They are being suckered by those who bombard them with the fairy tale of their victimhood at the hands of those who look superficially different from themselves. They are being victimized by the very people who tell them it’s all the Mexicans’ fault.

Getting these people to understand how things really are is all but impossible because of the fairy tales they have been told all their lives. But we have no choice but to try.

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