The Fateful Defect of Men

Males are responsible for most of the world’s crimes and other serious problems. Males above puberty, but especially young adult males. This might seem to have some policy implications.

The SF Chronicle recently printed several articles about people who, knowing full well there are two merging lines of cars, rush ahead in the empty lane and force their way in at the front. In virtually every case these exasperating idiots are guys aged 17 to 40. You simply don’t see women of any age doing this.

Gangs—men. Bank robbers—men. Car thieves—men. Drug dealers—men. Out-of-control cops—men. Until very recently, all military units were men. Most delinquents—men. Most convicts—men. Women do appear in all of these places, but only as the exception that proves the rule.

Males are responsible for
most of the world’s serious problems.

Now, it’s a long stretch between these examples and the various male militia groups in all parts of the world now causing untold grief for everyone. Or any of the national male militaries that routinely murder their own citizens under the command of a cruel (male) dictator. But there are plenty of examples in between individual machos and those extremes. And they are all men.

Then there’s domestic violence. Men are bigger and stronger than women, in addition to being less mature, and for some that calls up the bully in them, not the protector. It’s an aberration of machismo that should be frowned upon by every element of society.

Throughout history, men everywhere, including the West, have kept women under varying degrees of subjugation, preventing them from achieving more than a small part of their potential. This included my older sister, now gone, who was denied a college education and much control of her young life in spite of her obvious brilliance. Today the worst examples come from the Muslim world, where, in some cases females are quite literally chattel, there only to serve men. In some instances, they are cloistered behind high walls, where they spend their entire lives serving men.

Men everywhere, including the West,
have kept women under
varying degrees of subjugation.

The Muslim world is not the only place where this happens, but a common element here is being born into a particular religious group or culture, where women are seen as inferiors, as property, to be possessed and hidden, to serve, never allowed to speak their opinion or gain more than the most elemental education.

The question is, why has this churlish and dangerously bad behavior of men persisted? The answer is that it’s an inherent part of being male, stitched into our DNA. Every new generation of young men arrives on the scene with a body that is five to ten years more mature than his brain and social sense. This is true. There is a measurable physical difference in our brains. That means a guy of twenty, probably as strong as he’ll ever be, free of parental restraint and feeling cocky and entitled, can easily have the social wit and ethical sense of a ten-year-old girl. For most men, we don’t realize until decades later how immature we were.

On top of that element you can stack the old saying that everything looks like a nail to a child with a hammer. So there are all these men with lethal weapons, in police forces, the military, and in self-selected militias. They are dressed as Darth Vader or GI Joe lookalikes. We give them official permission to take all this hardware on a 2 AM no-knock raid of elderly couples suspected of something-or-other. And somehow we wonder why the confused man, roused from his bed by shouting idiots, gets shot and killed, or the young mother’s infant gets permanently disfigured by commando fools tossing a flash grenade into the silent nursery, or the mentally ill man is immediately gunned down with no attempt to calm him… It never stops.

A guy of twenty can easily have
the social wit of a ten-year-old girl.

When these machos fail to grasp some of the important social things that come so easily to girls much younger than they, trouble ensues. Our society, with its heavy emphasis on violence and guns, in everything from beer ads for football games; to movies of car crashes, gun battles, and explosions; to old white politicians pretending to be macho by sending young men off to die in battle, perpetuates this dreadful all-American trend. It’s not universal. There are many cultures where being a man does not rely on violence and bad behavior.

When we reach the national or religious level, the perps of this benighted abuse hurt not only all the females in their lives and their societies, but their entire culture. When half of a nation’s intelligence and talent is suppressed, nobody wins. What can be said of the Jewish cults who not only restrict women to the kitchen, but consider them so dirty that they cannot even sit next to them on an airplane? What of the various other religious groups who consider women as property to be accumulated? What of the men who consider it normal to marry and dominate several women, but would consider it blasphemy for a woman to marry several men?

Under stress,
women are far more likely
to make rational decisions.

Meantime, in the UK, two years have passed without a single person being shot and killed by the police. Isn’t it time the world, especially the US, got over this masculine disease?

A few people understand that not only should these men be put on a short leash, and their deadly toys taken away, but far more women should be in positions to make a difference in how we interact with one another. Under stress, women are far more likely to make rational decisions. Check this out: Are Women Better Decision Makers? by Therese Huston, NYT, 17 Oct 2014.


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  1. TMT – when the sex hormones sky rocket in the teens men’s brains are destabilised – but it has always been beyond me why a teenage boy who is still mentally a child needs a sex drive anyway. Virtually no teenage boy is fit to be a Dad. The rational alternatives would be to determine how to delay or reduce the brain being flooded with testosterone until the male is mature. Or institute strict control over boys in their teens so as to nip criminal and anti social behaviour in the bud. But men are perverse. Obsessive as they are about exerting unreasonable control over women they have never shown the same zeal in controlling themselves.


    • I think the main problem is that the prefrontal cortex of males is underdeveloped compared to females. More equality would cut down on criminal behavior, but it’s unlikely that male biology can be controlled.

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  3. 95% ? Of men are mainly heterosexual. If they were equally homosexual, there might be some inclination for control. But as your article rightly pointed out, the TMT causes widespread social chaos. It is one of those cases where a solution is possible but not wanted. There exist ana-aphrodisiacs. Many natural ones such as some types of mushroom. Some tweaks to diet? Mushroom pizza boys?


  4. Reblogged this on Ned Hamson Second Line View of the News and commented:
    mea culpa, molte mea culpa


    • LOL


  5. I sometimes worry, as a woman, whether women REALLY are better under stress or whether it is the effect of being “under thumbs” that keeps us from being just as mad/bad/murderous? I note some feminists comment occasionally on female murderers as if they have pushed some necessary envelope — and that “logic” terrifies me.


    • I have no doubts that women CAN be as bad as men. However, I am also convinced that women in general have abilities that are very different from those of men, and those of men have always tended toward violence, women’s toward peace.


    • And the converse Syrbal of your excellent point is If men were as socially “policed” as women, they would not have so many opportunities to commit crimes and get away with reckless acts.


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