The Dilemma Forced-Birthers Haven’t Thought Through

It’s noble, I suppose, to imagine that no embryo should be denied life. But whose embryo are we talking about? Does this woman’s fetus have the same standing as that woman’s? If not, why not?

Over 10,000 children die daily from easily cured conditions. Mostly, though, they have the “wrong” mothers, suggesting that forced-birthers don’t really care about actual living beings, only about embryos. “That” woman’s fetus is not as important as “this” woman’s, so it’s not important when her children die.

Why do we want so many more humans to be born?
It would seem that the fewer births,
the more morally responsible we would be.

With world population having passed seven billion some time ago, we have already exceeded the long-range carrying capacity of the planet by over five billion people. What exactly is the reason we should want so many more humans to be born? It would seem that the fewer births we had, the more morally responsible we would be. Additional population means additional suffering, whereas surely our goal should be to reduce suffering.

Since Roe vs. Wade, almost 57 million legal abortions have been performed in the US. Forced-birthers would have it that every one of these would have been carried to term, thus increasing our population by 57 million. Except that by now many would have had several children and grandchildren of their own. It’s not unreasonable to suppose that the population would be greater by 200 million or so, for a total present US population greater than 500,000,000, nearly 60% greater than it is. Where do the forced-birthers propose these people go, given that we already have difficulties balancing needs for land to live on and land to grow things on, land that is warmer, drier, and increasingly covered with seawater?

Forced-birthers should also be aware that the reason prospective mothers have abortions is that they aren’t capable of the added responsibility. It is likely that many or most of them would have no choice but to surrender any child they were forced to carry to term. How do the forced-birthers propose to care for these millions of additional children for the next twenty years?

Forced-birthers have no plan
other than to force unwanted births.

The fact is, they haven’t thought this through. They have no plan other than to force unwanted births.

I propose establishment of an agency that would take possession of newborns given up by women who have been forced to give birth. These unwanted infants would then would be distributed to the people who force women to have unwanted births.

If such a plan were put into action, the first thing the forced-birthers would discover is that the supply of forced-birth babies vastly outnumbers couples seeking to adopt. Therefore, either the babies would end up in orphanages or the forced-birthers themselves would have to take the children. There would be inadequate numbers of parents in either case.

I propose an agency to accept forced births,
which would then be given
to those who would force births.

The fact is that forced-birthers are frequently believers that women with unwanted pregnancies deserve their problems, including being forced to carry a child they will never be able to care for adequately. They believe that most such potential mothers deserve whatever they get, including poverty and forced births. They never consider that more people is exactly what we don’t need.


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  1. I suppose it all boils down to religion doesn’t it., religion has one helluva lot to answer for. And the pity is that the USA has more than it’s fair share of religious nutters holy rollers and do gooders led by parasites who are in it for the money and if the truth be known are laughing all the way to the bank.


  2. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs.


  3. As you point out so well their moral hypocrisy is outrageous. They advocate women too poor to have children should have more – but never suggest putting their hands in their own pockets to support those children.


  4. Most of these birthers come from religious organizations that when the world was smaller sought to control the world by being the largest group. Today we should all know that no one political group, religion, will ever control the world. It just can’t happen. That said, the people of the world should quit being sacrificial lambs who die for leaders who want power, and quit fighting over religion. there is no religion that is guiltless for atrocities death and other horrors. It is shameful that any religion professes to all good without apologizing for the atrocities your religion has caused.


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