The West Has Excused Violent Islam Long Enough

All the theocratic religions were defined in a time of gross barbarism, Islam included. They all accept a supernatural creator of everything, for which there is not the first shred of objective evidence, and use that belief as an excuse for murder. They all say that dozens of normal things must result in gruesome punishments. A starving kid who steals a piece of bread must have his hand chopped off. A young girl whose eye happens to fall on some random boy must be killed by the males in her family. Gays must be murdered. These monstrous prescriptions go on and on.

We Westerners have given
violent Medina Muslims every chance
to behave in a civilized manner.

But there is only one religion where these barbarisms are not only followed today, but are routine occurrences. The weekly post-sabbath entertainment for Saudi males, for example, consists of watching people get their heads chopped off, or their hands, or their gruesome death by stoning for ridiculous reasons. The world cannot excuse these things. These barbarisms violate every sense of decency and civilization we have developed over thousands of years. Further, followers of this insanity routinely kill the very people who have been most kind to them.

What good can be claimed for a religious fanaticism that brutalizes kindness?

If you haven’t read Ayaan Hirsi Ali, you must, particularly her latest, Heretic. In it she divides the teachings of Islam into the earlier ones from Muhammed’s time in Mecca, and the later ones from his time in Medina. It was in Medina that Muhammed went on the offensive, and was inspired by God to pronounce a death sentence on the rest of the world. It is Medina Muslims—IS, Boko Haram, and the numerous inspired murderers who have taken Islamic law into their own hands—who have made Islam into the monster it is today. Even moderate Muslims fear to speak out, because to do so would mark them for murder. The Q’ran is perfect, and any suggestion otherwise is blasphemy punishable by death.

Hirsi Ali spells out in great detail why the Medina Muslims must be opposed in every case. Not only are murders of “infidels” acceptable for this violent bunch, they are required. Every Medina Muslim is required to murder every infidel he can. The Boston Marathon murders, the Charlie Hebdo murders, the hundreds of murders by IS and Boko Haram, the random murders on the streets of London, Paris, New York, and Montreal—these are all good things that fulfill the godly duties of the Medina Muslims. They will all be rewarded by God.

What good can be claimed
for a religion that brutalizes kindness?

The strutting Islamic State guys in their black masks, the murderous Boko Haram militants, all of them seek to kill someone, anyone, who is not a Medina Muslim. And if they should die in the effort, so much the better, because they will instantly ascend to the right hand of God, where they will be rewarded with a bunch of virgins for their endless enjoyment. (It’s 72 virgins, to be exact. The rest of us wonder what is so valuable about a virgin, let alone 72 of them. We also wonder where the supply of virgins comes from, and how a female murderer is to be rewarded.)

We Westerners have given these violent Medina Muslims every chance to behave in an enlightened manner. We have spoken against “Islamophobia” at the highest levels, and warned not to overreact to their ongoing insults against civilization. The result of our tolerance is an endless stream of murders, bombings, and atrocities dating back decades that will not stop until we stop them, because it is not Muslims, but “true believer” Medina Muslims who are the barbarians. The kindest, most forgiving, accepting person, even a Muslim, who cannot accept even one of their harsh and unrealistic rules, is fair game for killing. The offense consists of simply living a normal life. And they are killed. Old women, young girls, men—anyone, especially Westerners of any nationality.

The plain fact is that these Medina Muslims are barbarians who believe that the goal of Islam is to kill everyone in the world who is not a Medina Muslim, and return the entire planet to the ideal society, that of the caliphate of the eighth century.

The rest of the world has every right
to live free of the threat of random murder.

I’ve got a great plan for how to bring about the caliphate. Set aside land near Medina. Any Muslim man may apply to join the caliphate (since women are meaningless). At the induction center he surrenders every artifact later than those of the 8th century, since it is the goal is to replicate the eighth century caliphate exactly. Nothing that came later is allowed, since any learning that does not consist entirely of memorizing the perfect Q’ran is pointless. No vehicles, no guns, no computers, no schools, no medicine, no electricity, no printing…

The non-Islamic world has given these Medina Muslims every opportunity to join the community of civilized peoples, and their response has been to redouble their efforts to force the entire population of the world to adopt their barbaric beliefs or to die at their hand.

This is simply not acceptable in the slightest. Not only is the project of murdering some five or six billion people a bit impractical, but the rest of the world has every right to live free of the threat of random murder by mad zealots. The rest of the Muslim world and everyone else rejects the monstrous beliefs of these Medina Muslims. Their claim that we must all therefore be murdered is a ridiculous and gruesome fantasy.


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