Dixie Is Agin It

The KKK is out in force all over the South, proudly flying the stars and bars, staging gatherings at the statehouse, complete with robes, hoods, and flags. The pickup trucks with gun racks, the bed full of Bud empties, are swarming with their rebel flags and belligerent illiteracy. Yahoos are uniting at their favorite cultural events—stock car races, Japanese car crushing contests, demolition derbies. And their favorite after-dark activity is once again popular—black church burnings.

And why is this? Is it in support of the white supremacist who murdered nine mostly elderly black people at prayer meeting? Is it a response to the people who are sick and tired of the so-called rebel flag, a symbol of racism and lawlessness, and want it removed from government properties? Or is it just another expression of hatred, intolerance, and belligerent stupidity that is so characteristic?

Whatever it might be, it is against something, and that something is civilization. It is hard to avoid the impression that the South consists of poorly educated male buffoons whose purpose in life is to drink at least a six-pack of Bud daily, and shoot at road signs on the way to poaching wildlife.

South Carolina voted to ban the rebel flag (good on them). Meantime, other states hastened to fly it again, and the Republican party wants to preserve it. Ach, Republicans. Ach, Southerners.

The southern states have:

  • the lowest life expectancy
  • the lowest educational level
  • the lowest income level
  • the greatest rate of poverty
  • the worst health
  • legislatures that have made it their policy to pursue every mode of hatred of various classes of people they dislike—blacks, immigrants, Jews, Mexicans—always unconstitutionally
  • various policies and laws banning almost anything remotely progressive, such as solar energy, recycling, compact fluorescent lights, organic produce, and public television
  • ongoing embrace of anti-science and unconstitutional public religion

Anything perceived as even vaguely liberal—like recycling, healthy food, improved schools—quickly brings forth an ugly parade of protest and pride in their backwardness. It’s as if they think by freezing their little minds at 1935 they can preserve a “way of life” that should have died at Emancipation.

Southern hate groups are against
civilization and progress.

History long ago passed the states of the Old South by, leaving behind an oppressive crew of fools whose primary features are ignorance and intolerance. In the past these would have been the people who entertained themselves with a friendly Saturday night lynching. Today it seems like they are only one step away from a revival.

When you speak of the South, you have to remember that it was not so long ago—within my lifetime, actually—that barbaric violent racism was the coin of the realm. All it took for a perfectly honest and good black man to be lynched was the bogus claim of a white woman that she was raped. When the law finally prevented lynching, the courts, in which no black person could participate, always ended with a guilty verdict and hanging anyway.

It was only by inches that the situation changed, while state legislatures enacted long series of laws that, as soon as they were judged unconstitutional, were replaced by another that was also unconstitutional. It was all to preserve “a way of life” devoted to oppression. Midnight cross burnings and KKK parades continued, and continue today.

The result of the most recent nitwit white supremacist murderer was to ignite the passions of ignoramuses who have never gotten over losing the Civil War and being forced to honor the constitutional rights of all citizens. The result so far has been several church burnings and various demonstrations of contempt for most things decent. White supremacist groups spill a great deal of bile into the ether these days. It’s hard to imagine how such morons could imagine themselves to be superior to anyone.

How many of these idiots does it take
before they represent the whole region?

As I have said before, I lived in the South for a number of years, and am well aware that there are many very fine people, educated, tolerant, gentle. But normality does not make headlines, and there is plenty of headline material, about church burnings and proud flaunting of ignorance and intolerance.

Good people do not parade their intolerance in pickups, flying the flags of the KKK and the Nazis. The good people do not roll into town by the hundreds on their Harleys, with drugs and a boatload of guns. They make no stupid claims of superiority while parading their failed educations and poisonous threats of violence.

So the question is, who are the people of the South? The good majority, or this collection of yahoo assholes? How many of these hateful, ignorant, violent idiots does it take for them to be seen as representing a whole state? The whole region? Alas, it is still the ignorant and intolerant fools, the numerous lawless idiots that everyone sees. The progressive South still has a lot of work to do.


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