A Good Round Number

Over the past three years or so I have posted some 650 new essays to this blog, a few of which I’m proud, many of which have pleased  me, all of which say something true. But it has been a grueling task that pays nothing, and is pretty sparse in rewards of any kind.

I find it is time for a hiatus, some time off to regain a measure of balance, some perspective on the world. Accordingly, this is the last posting for Class War in America for a while. How long that might be I can’t predict. What I do know is that I continue to care deeply about what happens to our beautiful blue planet, and particularly in our own little corner of it.

Best wishes to all, and I hope to be back with you before long.

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  1. Enjoy your break John. Come back refreshed and ready for another long heartbreaking, head bashing, session with the establishment.
    You’ve certainly earned a rest and I for one look forward to your return.

    Cheers, Brian


  2. Have a nice vacation – I will miss your insights – but it is your life and you do deserve a break – your observations were always well thought out & very thoughtful and had an insight that is rare

    take care & thanks for your many Posts that I shared with my friends


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