I intended to take a few months off, then re-evaluate my life, and decide what to do about Class War in America. Somehow that got truncated into a few weeks. Now I know what I want to do.

What I have decided is to ignore the expert advice for bloggers to post often. Instead, I plan to post less often, and on an irregular basis. What I write is not very important in the overall scheme of things, especially with my limited number of followers, contrasted with some similar sites that have millions. I console myself by believing that my followers are thinking people with high moral principles.

I do my best to make postings that are rational responses to contemporary situations, in contrast to the ideological foolishness of so many people. In this effort I hope to encourage a few people to think more about their political beliefs, and move beyond those that cannot be supported by facts.

I have failed at encouraging debate about my posts. Only a few who disagree have contributed rational comments. A number of others simply call me names, but haven’t engaged in any reasonable way.

If you are someone who has stumbled on this site and are interested, please subscribe and perhaps recommend the site to someone else. Subscribers get email notices of each new posting. As I said, these will be less often than before, perhaps one every week or two.

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  1. Don’t get discouraged. Things don’t happen overnight. There are millions of posts out there and it takes time to work up a following. Look at who the negative comments come from. If you are getting right wingers pissed you are doing a good job.


  2. Welcome back. Remember if yo are not having fun you are not doing it right.

    I do forward much of your stuff to some of my friends, take the first paragraph or two then a link back to the Post so you get the traffic, once in a while one of them will thank me for sending it on.

    Sorry I don’t argue with you but I find your Posts to be well thought out and always make me think a bit and usually I agree with your point of view so not much to say, and I very seldom comment on sites anyway.

    You have more subscribers than I do, so don’t feel too bad. also I maybe get one valid comment for every 10,000 to 15,000 page views, sometimes the ratio is higher.

    Keep up the good work & thanks for you observations


  3. Thanks, y’all.


  4. Welcome back, Mr. charanga fan!

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    • Charanga player, too.


  5. Good to see you back John, you probably have many more followers like me who always read your posts, agree invariably but don’t always comment, which is pretty negligent when I come to think about it; so I for one will endeavour to comment more often.


  6. I stumbled across your blog while looking for definitions of oligarchy and plutocracy. As a lifelong conservative trying to reform, I’m thrilled. You are adding the sensibility to my sense that I’ve had lots of things wrong for a long time. I’ll be back, and back, and back. Please keep sharing your thoughts!


    • Welcome. I try not to pick on conservatives as people, only on the conservative ideas I have found wanting. If I say something that doesn’t mesh with your understanding, I hope you will bring it up.


      • It’s only a matter of time John, knew you’d get through to some of them eventually 🙂


    • As an old follower from a far distant land I welcome you to Johns site I hope you’ll recommend him to all your rghtwing/ conservative friends


  7. lol


  8. I love your writings!


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