The Robust Economy Immigrants Help Create

Hatred of immigrants seems to be required among Republican presidential candidates. That buffoon Trump wants to build an enormous wall on the Mexican border to keep out all those Mexican rapists, and failed Wisconsin governor Walker even suggested a similar wall on the Canadian border—until he realized the utter stupidity of such an idea. They all want to preserve the presumed “purity” of America by closing the doors. “Purity”, hah. Where have I heard that before?

It was heartwarming to observe crowds of Germans cheering the arrival of refugees who have fled the extreme danger of war and starvation in their homelands, which now lie in piles of bombed rubble. Tolerant Germans have shown their colors several times lately, sometimes in strong opposition to intolerant skinheads.

It was heartwarming
to observe crowds of Germans
cheering the arrival of refugees.

Immigrants, of course, are just like us. As we all know, except Republicans, every one of us other than the First Nations people are here entirely because of immigration. People who are anti-immigrant are resisting because they perceive of immigrants as different and inferior. This has always been the case. It was the case for their own immigrant ancestors. Republicans have become blatantly racist nationalists, not unlike the Germans of the 1930s. A future America under such leadership would look disturbingly like the rise of the Nazis.

The irony is that immigrants, no matter where they come from or what they look like, are always good for the American economy. What do immigrants want? It’s very simple. First, they want peace and stability, which are lacking back home. Next, they want to work and pay what they owe. Over time, immigrants become like other Americans, and their economic prowess creates new prosperity for their fellow Americans.

Immigrants are always good
for the American economy.

But many who would elect someone like Donald Trump would say that immigrants “take American jobs” and become a drain on the economy—not to mention that they are all rapists and criminals (including, one supposes, the small children and their mothers, as well as their exhausted fathers who work daily in the fields). But they don’t “take American jobs”. Third world immigrants arrive destitute, and are quite willing to take any job they can get, including those that Americans don’t want. We see them washing dishes and harvesting produce.

Few native-born citizens want these jobs, but our hated rapist immigrants not only jump on them, but somehow manage to send half their wages back home to support the destitute family members they left behind. How they manage this admirable feat on their paltry pay is a mystery to me.

Almost all immigrants
long to return to their homes.

Over time, our immigrants have always moved up, starting businesses, gaining skills and education that are valuable to the American economy. The legend has it that they take up unearned economic resources, such as schools and medical care. The real fact is that they earn their share of benefits, yet take less than the average citizen.

Almost all immigrants long to return to their homes. Many do, when it becomes safe to do so. Iranians dream of their beautiful green cities. Indians of their big families and long history. Africans of their rich musical legacies and joyous celebrations with their extended families. Salvadorans of their peaceful shaded neighborhoods. Home beckons the heart strongly.

The US has an outsized role
in creating refugees.

But Iran is controlled by a bunch of hardline imams who want to punish activities we consider normal and innocent. Indian IT pros become affluent here, but they often return home to have their families select a bride, and many stay. So many African nations are in catastrophe mode that return is impossible, no matter how much immigrants long for it. Young Salvadorans flee to the US to escape murderous gangs. Too often, ICE captures them and returns them to El Salvador, where they are promptly murdered, as promised.

Two primary things create refugees and immigrants: violence and desperation from absence of opportunity. The US has an outsized role in creating both. Our neocon philosophy exists solely for the benefit of rich corporations that create economic and environmental catastrophe while stealing natural resources, bringing destitution to millions, and often establishing the conditions for war aimed at expelling the hated US.

Our neocon philosophy
exists solely for the benefit
of rich corporations.

No better example of the creation of family destitution can be found than NAFTA. This “agreement”, which those most affected were not party to, allowed US corporate farmers to dump tons of cheap corn on the Mexican market. Millions of Mexican corn farmers were immediately bankrupted, and moved to the slums of Mexico City in hopes of finding some kind of employment. Many desperate people set out for the US. I suspect the TPP, written in secret by people who don’t have ordinary people’s welfare in mind, will be far worse.

Bush’s multi-trillion-dollar unfunded wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were disasters in every way imaginable. The destabilization of the entire Middle East resulted, creating millions of war refugees and multiple movements of violent radicals who threaten everyone.

The lesson for us is clear:
Quit creating war.
Welcome the refugees we have created.

The lesson for us is clear: Quit creating war. Welcome the refugees we have created. Make it possible for ordinary people to earn a living. We should remember, immigrants and refugees would prefer to be at home, but will become national assets if they stay and become citizens.


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