Top Two GOP Planks Expose Mindset

At any gathering of Republicans it quickly becomes clear what they consider important. The top two issues are abortion and voting. Both positions are divorced from reality and based on racism.

Republicans aren’t actually concerned about babies, like they claim. Once they force a woman to have a child she cannot support, for one reason or another, they lose interest. The rate of child poverty is sky-high, but that doesn’t even show on the GOP radar. When’s the last time you heard of a fracking boss (mostly Republicans) getting out of the business when he realized fracking causes birth defects?

The Republican goal is not actually to prevent abortion anyway. The goal is to prevent sex. The mindset is that anyone who wants an abortion must be an underage black girl who is behaving promiscuously. Some Republicans will deny this; others will strongly affirm it. It’s pure racism, and nobody is going to prevent adult women of any cultural background—who are by far the largest group who seek abortion—from having sex. That’s what humans do.

The fact is, there should be no abortions. Every abortion signifies a failure. But in order for this to become fact, in order to minimize the number of abortions, safe and effective contraception must be readily available to every female of any age who wants it. This includes even very young girls who probably should not be sexually active. But becoming sexually active is crossing the Rubicon; you can’t go back. Making even the youngest sexually active girl not sexually active is simply not going to happen.

Republicans should therefore heartily promote contraception. Do they? No indeed. They want to deny contraception, which is as hypocritical a political position as one can have.

Sex and abortion are Illustration Number One in the Republican Denial Index. The ways to prevent abortion are clear and well known: freely available contraception; education for human sexuality for all students. Nobody should be sexually ignorant. Students who receive good sex education do not become crazed sex maniacs, as some Republicans believe. Indeed, the presence of sex education in schools results in far more responsible behavior, including delayed commencement of sexual life and few abortions.

It is also clear that Planned Parenthood should be well supported, because PP provides women’s health care for 2.7 million women, mostly women of limited means. This support would reduce the number of abortions, because PP helps women avoid becoming pregnant if they don’t want to. PP actually performs few abortions anyway. Three percent of their services, funded from private sources.

By trying to totally eliminate abortions while denying sex education and availability of contraception, Republicans are doing their very best to increase the number of abortions and to drive them underground, where they will once again become dangerous procedures performed under unsafe conditions, and will result in tragic injuries and deaths, just like before Roe vs Wade.

Plank #2 is voting rights, and it is very easy to explain.

The GOP goal is not to optimize democracy by encouraging voter registration and casting ballots. The GOP goal is the exact opposite. The GOP opposes voting and democracy.

Prevention of voting has been a clear goal of Republicans for a long time. If you look at a map of the US, and point out the states where government has done its best to prevent people from voting, they are all states with Republican governors and Republican legislatures. Many are states in the Old South, and activists have rightly pointed out that what is being promoted is Jim Crow II.

The steps these states have taken has the clear goal of preventing voting by minorities. Why? Because minorities know that virtually everything the Republican Party promotes goes against their interests, and they are therefore more likely to vote for Democrats.

I won’t detail the many steps these states have taken since many others have already covered that, but besides gerrymandering to custom build Republican victories, they have made voting difficult or even impossible in numerous ways, the clear goal being to prevent minorities from voting. Alabama has recently been in the news for closing down voter registration where blacks live and reducing the number of voting sites, reducing the days and hours for voting in those places, and requiring unreasonable documentation, but other states have taken nearly identical steps.

The Ohio GOP has almost certainly been guilty of criminal election fraud by manipulating votes cast, thus creating statistical situations that are all but impossible. Rather like the vote in certain African dictatorships, where all the ballot boxes are collected by the army and the sitting dictator once again gains a 98% victory. Such genuine election fraud is not the same as the bogus GOP voter fraud investigations that out of tens of millions of votes have uncovered fraud countable on the fingers of one hand. This utter failure to find fraud has not prevented Republicans from an unsuccessful attempt to prove that voters vote twice in different states, a fraud that has itself denied the vote to a number of legitimate voters.

The US has no voter fraud.

It is clear that these two main Republican interests are based on racist hypocrisy in the first instance, and racist anti-democratic fraud in the second.


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  1. The Ohio GOP has almost certainly been guilty of criminal voter fraud by manipulating votes cast,

    I hate to nitpick – but I would call that Election Fraud – the changing of vote totals and denying the right to vote

    Voter Fraud is when someone votes more than once

    Other than that, another great observation – the sad thing is that most of us that think a small amount understand that you are spot on here but there are others that put their head in the sand or let themselves be led around by Fake News

    So Sad
    Keep up the good work


  2. Thank you. Point taken.


  3. […] Top Two GOP Planks Expose Mindset […]


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