“No More Baby Parts”

OK, Forced Birthers, you got your wish. Another unbalanced gun nut showed up at a PP clinic and shot a bunch of people. But he was doing the right thing, right?, because they murder babies.

What did you expect?

It reminds me of the murder of Thomas Becket. When the Archbishop of Canterbury died, king Henry made his friend Becket archbishop. But when Becket took the side of the church, Henry ranted and raved, and wondered aloud who would remove Becket. Much to his surprise (!), the king’s men murdered the archbishop, after which Henry cursed the foul deed and called for justice.

Sound familiar? What did you expect?

You Forced Birthers try to ignore the gathered crows on the back fence, and remain stone silent about the murder you promoted. You don’t have to say anything to distance yourself, because there are plenty of fools frothing at the mouth and shouting that the dead and wounded got what they deserved to take attention away from you.

There will be more murders. There have already been several cases of murder, arson, and bombs at PP clinics. But you’re not responsible, right?

What did you expect?

Filmmaker James O’Keefe and others make it a practice to release heavily edited attacks. Basically, O’Keefe is a liar who rearranges his videos to suit the agenda of the Forced Birthers, facts be damned. The most recent was a July release of a PP official talking about tissue that is donated for medical research. But what they were discussing and what was shown was a stillbirth, not an abortion. It was an infant, all right, but one that didn’t survive. And such tissue, as well as aborted tissue has, and will, contribute a lot toward conquering diseases that affect us all. But that’s not what O’Keefe wants. He wants to make it look like full-term infants are killed for “baby parts”. People who are challenged by realism sometimes take him at face value, and decide to do something about it.

Were you surprised? I wasn’t.

What did you expect?

Apparently, none of you has any clue about what Planned Parenthood actually does. They serve millions of women who otherwise couldn’t afford health services. They offer a full range of services for women’s health, including counseling for expecting parents, sonograms of fetal development, sex education, nutritional advice, STD testing, cancer screening, birth control, and various other services benefiting women. These use federal funds.

Oh, three percent of their services are for abortions, funded privately. No government funds are used for abortions. No fetal tissue is sold. There are no “baby parts”.

What did you expect?

Here’s an irony you, and most of the Republican party, which has proposed and passed hundreds of laws designed to punish women, don’t seem to recognize: your stance against birth control actually creates abortions you rail against. Poor women who can’t get birth control are much more likely to become pregnant with a baby they can’t afford. But you don’t want them to have birth control. You want to force them to have the baby they can’t afford, thus compounding the problems they already have, which then become society’s problems.

What did you expect?

Why don’t you mark your calendars so you can measure the time to the next murder, bombing, or arson. Or maybe just to record how many such crimes it takes before Planned Parenthood is forced by an ignorant Congress to close its doors, thus cutting millions of poor women off from medical care, causing hundreds of thousands of additional pregnancies, and a sharp rise of dangerous illegal abortions by unlicensed quacks.

Isn’t this what you want?


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  1. Well said as always. But the war on Planned Parenthood is just another front in the war against women. And Planned Parenthood has done so much good over the years, not just for poor women, but women of all socioeconomic levels,

    There are a few people that like abortions, gives them a wedge issue and if they get one of their staffers pregnant an abortion is a quick fix that costs less than child support and you don’t need to explain to your wife where the money is going for the next 18 years.

    The conservative hate mongers got exactly what they wanted, but none of them will stand up and take credit for their work.

    The whole thing is so sad


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