We Are Vile Insects That Must Be Exterminated

Look at the following, and tell which of these actual quotes came from: (1) WWII Nazis; (2) American racists; (3) Muslim terrorists.

  • Western sluts want and need rape.
  • …the people are the filthiest on the planet. No manners. No cleanliness…
  • The western world confuses empathy with rational thought because it’s too feminized, and values the opinion of its women too much.
  • NOTHING is more obscene than a —— standing in moral judgement of a white person.
  • Modern Western women are disgusting braindead sluts who enjoy violent men and being raped.
  • …race that needs to wake up to the threat posed by ghastly ——…
  • …—— respect neither treaties nor human beings…

You can’t tell. In fact I’ve forgotten which is which myself. That’s because they could come from anybody, and they could be describing anybody, including you and me.

There are two required steps to reach this state. The people in “the movement” must learn that all their troubles come from something that a certain kind of people did to them in the past, even the distant past, even if it’s not true, which it never is. American racists think black people and Jews caused all their troubles, and now the blacks sit around with the tons of money the communist government (headed by that Kenyan Muslim) gives them so they don’t have to work. Hitler made good use of history’s favorite villains, the Jews, claiming they used their extraordinary powers to harm the true German people, although they were only 1% of the population. Intolerant Muslims, including national leaders and others, spread their favorite story about how every year Jews kidnap and behead a Muslim child so they can put her blood in matzos for the high holy holiday. Also, the Jews in Bagdad—all twenty of them—kidnap dozens of Muslim men and behead them. Amazing power, those Jews. Muslims themselves are still fighting the “war” of 661 AD, when Ali was assassinated and the Sunni/Shia split occurred.

So now the motive for hatred is established, but in order to eliminate sympathy you must dehumanize the people who are to be the enemy. Not only have they injured you, they must be seen as subhuman. Vile, smelly, untrustworthy, thieves and poisoners. No matter who you are or what racial or cultural group you belong to, once the necessary tales of treachery have been sown, several of the statements above should be used in reference to you. Anyone could be seen as subhuman.

That’s why Islamic terrorists in Paris, Nairobi, or Mumbai could so easily kill hundreds of ordinary people who have harmed nobody. They have been turned into “the enemy”, and the enemy is subhuman, and must be exterminated. These radicalized militants commit an “altruistic evil”. They make the world a better place by murdering inferiors.

That is also why dropping bombs on the Daesh and other groups will have less effect than the military would like to believe, and why the various recent wars the US has either created or become entangled in add fuel to the fire, rather than extinguish it.

It’s why the Daesh, who are very good with their propaganda, have had no trouble attracting new recruits. They appeal to disaffected Muslims, who may well have real complaints about the treatment they have received from racists and the intolerant. They are taught that westerners, even the ones who are kind to them, who they work with every day, are evil personified, and must be stamped out. The plain facts of their observed innocence simply do not register with a radicalized terrorist. Innocence is “lies” when it contradicts radical “truths”.

We can accomplish some things with bombs, as we have in the weeks since the Paris atrocities. Western allies have destroyed some buildings of the Daesh in Syria, killed some of their fighters, and made junk out of hundreds of the petrol trucks needed to fund their activities. But the Daesh demand “taxes” from the people, who dare not complain on pain of death, and still seem to have plenty of money.

The Daesh are not unusual in being convinced that the people they have been told to kill are evil. The unusual part is that those they consider evil consist of practically everybody in the world who is not part of their rather insignificant movement, even other Muslims who don’t meet with their approval.


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