It’s Only the Most Recent Bigotry

You said you want to feel proud again, Mr. Real American. Loudmouth Trump promised you would. But he can’t do that. All he can do is promise that he supports all the things you say you support. Hate, for example.

It would be impossible to list all those groups that people have decided to hate. The practice goes all the way back before the dawn of written history, on all continents, among all peoples. It served as protection in the Stone Age, but today it is exactly what we should not do, achieving exactly the opposite of what it did during the Stone Age. It makes everyone less secure, not more.

Heck, Trump’s only the biggest intolerant loudmouth in recent days. Every one of the Republican candidates has expressed some level of intolerance and hate toward others who are not exactly like “us”. This is not true of any of the Democrats.

Muslims were subject to hatreds from the beginning. So were Christians. But the Jews are the all-time champs at being hated, partly because they are the oldest Abramic religion. Hitler’s “solution” is what made them—or their survivors—the real champs. But then they moved to Palestine, where champion warmonger and racist Netanyahu has been busily destroying the Palestinian culture and stealing their land and their means of livelihood for decades, and achieving it, with the bountiful assistance of the US.

In back country US the Real People just want to be proud again. They want to be able to say what they want to say about them nigras. Then it’s them fag perverts, the ones who expect us to allow their disgusting ways to continue, although they forget that gay people are the children not of them perverts, but of straight people just like themselves. Now it’s them terrorist Syrians, who aren’t terrorists.

They just want to be proud again. That’s all. I think I know what made them proud.

It made them proud to feel superior to someone. Not because they were superior, but mostly because they had lighter skin color. They felt superior to nigras because them kind were so dumb and lazy. And they had that black skin, obviously a sign of inferiority. Then there was them Mexicans, almost as inferior as the darkies with their brown skin. Obviously inferior because they dint have no schoolin’, and worked the fields for pennies. Who wouldn’t feel superior to them.

Worst of all was them pointy-headed college fairies, with their danged attitude and their cooked-up numbers.

Well, I have good advice for all those True Americans who want to feel proud again: do something to feel proud about. Hate is nothing to be proud of.

Here are some things that will make you feel proud:

  1. Learn the real lessons of the Christianity you claim to follow. What did Jesus do? You’ll find it’s nearly the opposite of what you do.
  2. Do some good among your family and neighbors. Is someone you know ill? Shop for them. Clean their house, wash the dishes. Jesus would do that.
  3. Are some desperate refugees coming to live in your town? Meet them and learn their story. Give them something useful. That’s what Jesus would do. Most of them have lost everything, including their home and everything they own, and often family members—spouses, children—have been killed. Try to understand that they are fleeing Muslim terrorists who want to kill them. Try to understand that if they get here, it has taken two years of poverty and suffering, and clearance by a half dozen suspicious agencies.

Feel proud yet? You should.

Bragging is not generally a good idea, but if you do these things you have earned some bragging rights, and I approve of you cashing in on them. It will feel good, and take that hateful look off your face. You might even cause some other intolerant people to reconsider their own beliefs.

Thinking in larger terms, intolerance toward Muslim refugees is just exactly what the Daesh terrorists want. Intolerance and a few bad experiences in their new homes will drive just a few refugees into the arms of IS. It doesn’t take many. Just recently a married couple easily bought an arsenal of weapons and used them to kill and wound a whole lot of people before they were gunned down. The entire US flew into an unnecessary tizzy, vowing yet more intolerance and hatred for suffering Muslim refugees, thus creating still more terrorists.

That’s exactly what those IS terrorists want. The ones we drove into the IS camp did the work of the terrorists for free, spreading fear where there was none.

Somehow I think that’s not quite what you wanted to do, but all you said was that you wanted to feel proud again. Blustering liars who want to be president promised to make you feel proud. That’s not a promise they can keep. Do some good and you will feel proud. Quit hating and you will feel proud.


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